Can I put two 4' silverdollar and 8 goldfish together contained by a 55 gallon aquarium.?

I have a 55 gallon aquarium which have one arge pleco and two 4' silver dollar fish and was wondering whether it is okay to add 8 goldfish to my tank. The goldfish are about two inches long. I am different at fresh water tropical fish. Thanks

no, aside from the info above the pleco alone should be in a bigger tank and goldfish average a over a foot contained by length
Each goldfish is going to need close to 15 gallons all to itself. So, with 8, the container should be no smaller than 150 gallons.

Each silver dollar will need 55 gallons all to itself at some point.

Plecos also grow huge.

Goldfish need cold wet.
Silver dollars need warm water.

So, no.
You can't hold on to all those fish together.
Not now when they're small, and certainly not when they start approaching mature sizes.
Dude, Yes you can put silver $ in there with the goldfish, but they are more easily upset than the goldfish will require heater and filtration system, cleans and provides oxygen source for the $'s that the durable goldfish can live without. Not a combination I'd put together, but it's your tank. Goldfish will appreciate the electric fire temp. water.

You should have no problem having all these fish together within a "community tank". Gold fish live well with almost any other type of fish, and 11 fish within a 55-gallon tank will not over crowd them.
No..dont mess up your tank by putting in goldfish.

Get a few more silver dollars.

The Pleco may outgrow the tank eventually, depending on the species, but that may embezzle several years.

Answers:    If you maintain the tank temp at 75 adjectives will be fine. I would not suggest 8 goldfish fancy or not. If you plan on mixing them you should not add more than 4 fancy goldfish here. (They rarely grow over 6-7 inches surrounded by a tank) and would get along fine with your silvers. You could add another silver or two instead of 4 more goldfish.

But the answer is yes goldfish and silvers are fine together as long as the marine is around 75-78 Goldfish are cooler water species but fancy's do well in hose up to around 79.
Do you have a heater? The big issue here is that goldfish are a cold river fish and silver-dollars are warm water. Another thing... while silver-dollar fish aren't necessarily aggressive, they are fin nippers, so that can be an issue beside most goldfish. It can be done, but I wouldn't recommend it. One way or another, one species is going to be less than adequately care for.
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