Can minnows and goldfish live together?

I am wanting to put my minnows in with my goldfish. The minnows are just over one inch and one is simply over 2 inches. I have 6 of them. The goldfish I have 2 six inch goldfish, 1 three inch goldfish, 1 four inch goldfish and 1 two inch goldfish. My main concern is: will the six-inchers chomp through them?
it depends which type of minnows- some can stay very small, although most get around 3 inches at max..(rosy red)...your cistern is overstocked. DO NOT add anything else, and save up till you can afford a bigger tank, or vend some of your goldfish.
Your tank is overstocked. A single goldfish needs 15 gallons. Add 15 for each fish. Clean the algae next put the 6 inchers in. They can live together if its a big tank and have lots of plants. The goldfish will probably EVENTUALLY eat them though. Good luck!
Answers:    You know your tank is already heavily overstocked so wait until you have the pond sorted and the goldfish within it because if you add any more fish to your overloaded system you will possibly kill adjectives your fish
well they can coexist but just make certain the goldfish are in a 60+ gallon tank or you will have lots of problems
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