Can you keep hold of fish taken from the river?

My children came home a few weeks ago with a conserve jar full of fish from the river!
They all seem to be the same type of fish (minnows) but one seem to look like a cat fish but is only around 3" long. It seems to approaching to stay at the bottom of the tank and hide under things.

What i needed to know is, is it ok to keep these fish? or should we take them back to the river?

We have intended to take them back but have not nonetheless had a chance and the children have become pretty attached to the fish!

We have them in a small glass fish cistern and we have put some stones and little plastic plants in with them and enjoy been feeding them normal gold ingots fish food.

I would say we have around 12 fish and then the larger one. In the 5 or 6 weeks we enjoy had them one has died but the rest seem joyful (for a fish!) and healthy
It is illegal to take them from the river. The fish contained by time will easily outgrow any type of fish tank you could possibly have. Please return them to their instinctive environment.
my 5 year has caught about 15 minnows out of stream in front courtyard he had to put them in our fish tank. that's be about a month ago and they are still alive. and he is still catching and putting them in tank. hold about 25 now and counting. we have also caught tot catfish and put in the tank as well. they lived until they get to big and we put them in the pond.
It actual depends where on earth you are from. Some states in the US dont allow you to keep game fish as pets. But since you hold minnows, they are technically bait fish, so it should be all fine and dandy. If they are actually eating the goldfish food, you should be accurate.

Well, actually, you may have a baby fish of some sort. If you can ID them, that would be better. Remember, most winter sport fish are illegal to keep. And I believe most places actually prohibit you from keeping fish found contained by the wild anyways... But...

Check your local laws for the UK. im not sure how it is near.
feed them the right food... not goldfish food.
It may be illegal but whats the diffrence from fishing... as long as you put them back surrounded by the right lake or river, remember the one inch of fish per gallon rule.
it is likely illegal to keep hold of native fish as pets; check with your local fish/game dept to see if this applies to you.

DO NOT re-release the fish spinal column into the ecosystem, as the chances of them harboring a domestic fish disease poses too great a risk to the other native fish, and can potentially wipe out a species within an area where the disease may proliferate.

If it is deemed illegitimate to keep the fish, and you get rid of them, you must euthanize, as re-releasing fish from unregulated captivity (ie. the home) is highly crooked, not to mention the possible detrimental effects described above.

sorry to burst your bubble.. but try to get fish from a pet shop in the future. :)
Keep 'em sir

have a nice day
Let them keep the fish; no harm have been done.
You should bring them back to the river, it is illegal to take them out of their raw habitat. The minnows and catfish sold in pet stores are most likely bred in the tank found in the pet stores, and are used to be in captivity. It is more likely that your fish are going to die more efficiently if you do not house them properly.
Answers:    Local laws will vary - so it's only wong to say it's illegal without even knowing where on earth the original asker is.

And even then it will depend on the type of fish. Game fish usually hold specific rules, and rare or endangered fish may have different rules as all right.

Chances are if they are a common minnow then you enjoy no worries, just watch for the "minnow police" doing raids within your neighbourhood.

As for keeping them, you do need to ID what you actually hold. A trip to the library and some online searching should help you find out what sort of fish you have. You purely want to make sure it stays small and isn't baby Koi carp or something approaching that.

If they are minnows then chances are they will be OK on goldfish or tropical fish food. Long term they probably necessitate more space and a properly filtered tank.

Just remember, many of the fancy exotic fish within the pet shop where probably netted out of a steam just close to your local one, just on the other side of the world. There is nothing magically different about the fish surrounded by your stream, and no real reason you cant keep them as aquarium fish, purely do it properly.

NO! it is not permitted, please please return them to the same river.
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