Common Household Fish Food?

Are there any common household foods that you can feed to goldfish?
NO..why? can't afford a tin of fish food?? come on.
Oh, yes, there are lots of them.
Think cooked veggies.
Peas, carrot, squash, green beans, and so on. You can either boil fresh ones (until they're tender but not mushy), or just open a can (preferably the ones teeming without salt, sugar, or seasonings), rinse them off, and nurture them. Greens like spinach, chard, or collards are good, too.
Also canned tuna, can shrimp, sardines, and so on (cut them up small enough for your fish to eat them).
Some people speak if you feed peas, you should cut them up or mash them first, because goldfish own been known to choke on peas (seriously).

Feed very sparingly. Never nurture a fish more than it will eat in about five minutes.

However, your fish should be fine going lacking food until Monday. Fish can last for a couple of weeks without food and suffer no harm at adjectives. I'm just saying you CAN feed these foods whether you want to.

People kept fish before there ever were commercial fish foods.
Answers:    Always fresh never boiled or steamed. (Canned is ok even whether it has a bit of salt. Just don't use these as staple)

Goldfish need a fair diet. When choosing a fish food choose one with high protein (48% or better) and low fat (5% or less)

You can supplement their diet next to things like Lettuce, mustard greens, turnip greens, collard greens, spinach, peas, Watersprite, seaweed, cukes, kale, chard, broccoli, lima beans, green beans, etc. and feed aquatic plants (e.g. duckweed, azolla, salvenia, etc) or pelt algae daily.

For their Carotenoids which are a family of pigments the fish can't make themselves and are obtain as part of the diet. These pigments result in red, yellow and red colors. Fish have cells called chromataphores. Those cell convert lutein and carotenes into astaxanthin which is the red pigment.
sources include, brine shrimp, krill, spirulina, marigold flowers, paprika, sweet red peppers, yams, carrots, pumpkin

Watermellons and oranges are also good as capably as proteins like chicken (chicken livers) beef (livers and parts) and pork as well as worms and bugs.

defrost a pea and wait till it cools, then squeeze benignly between your fingers so that the inside pops out and your left with the shell, throw the shell away and offer them the pea, my fish love it!
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Just chop it up chum sized
He'll be ok for two days without food. Don't throw regular food within there, you don't know what's going to harm him.
once a month nurture it blood worms for a treat if it likes them or find out what it likes the best.mostley nurture it canned fish perfer tetracolor.boil lettice is one of the favorite treats for fish but dont leave it in for more than 24 hours contained by the tank
veggies, crickets, buggs/insects (NEVER spiders), and bread with work great also.
As mentioned, fresh vegetables and insects are good. But do not feed your fish insects if you use pesticides or any other benign of chemicals in your yard.
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