How can I train my goldfish?

I'm trying to train my goldfish to go through a maze. So far, it has ruined. How can I use treats to make it go through the maze?

Btw: The myth that fish simply have a 3-second term memory is completely false. I know that it's possible, I just want some tips.
I've never done this but I've see goldfish that are trained quite well. =]

My advice would to use pellet food as an incentive. Tie a pellet to the stop of a pencil. Hold the pellet in front of the goldfish, and lead the way. When he completes the jumble, allow him the food. I'm sure it would takes weeks of training and conditioning.
I know the 3 second memory going on for goldfish is a myth because when ever I enter my bed room which my fish tank is in they get adjectives excited. But they don't get excited for my bro just me. Probably because im the one who cleans the tank and feed them. They remember what I look like. I have never heard goldfish human being able to be trained but theres always a first for everything sorry I couldn't help you near that. You could always go to a pet store and ask the employees they should know.
Buy the book called "How to train goldfish" by C. Scott Johnson.
put the food on the right path, and slowly set off to take away more and more and up to that time you know it he can do the maze without a problem. problem is, that takes alot of restraint n time
Answers:    actually goldfish can be trained to do many things because they are smart fish.I have never trained my goldfish but I would guess getting the tangle set up by making sure your goldfish can fit comfortably through it and make sure its possible.I would propose holding the treat in a thing that your fish likes resembling your arm possibly but not a net because all nets upset fish and leading the fish through the maze!GOOD LUCK!
buy this!

and use it!!, looks fun
There is another poster who is trying this:

Don't know if it works
You can't train a goldfish. Sorry. You can condition a goldfish using food, but because they lack a frontal lobe, you in actual fact can't train them.

My advice is to literally have a "trail" of food through the maze, beside a massive dump of food on the other side. You might be able to get your goldfish to learn the road to the food, but don't hold your breath. Goldfish are exceedingly dumb. Koi are much more easy to condition this way.
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