How do I properly disinfect my gravel syphon minus harm my fish?

One of my fish tanks has an ich outbreak. Is there a track to safely disinfect my gravel syphon for use in my other two tanks? Boiling? Bleach mixture?
I would simply boil it if you want to disinfect it. You will not have to worry about any residue as beside bleach, and it is a pretty quick and easy process.
Generally speaking there is no need to disinfect your gravel while your tank have an outbreak of whitespot. Whitespot is a protozoan that is present in all tank in small background populations, even if you do verbs the gravel, the protozoan will still be present after a couple of months. Whitespot needs a host to infect (the fish) and when the fish become stressed by poor water element or other stress causing factors the immune system will be lowered, leaving the fish initiate to attack. Much better is to keep on top of tank upkeep and keep the water quality apposite.
Answers:    Give it a virtuous flushing out with hot (not boiling) tap water. You don't have need of to kill all the ich organisms; just to clean up them out of the siphon, which should be relatively easy since it's a straight, smooth tube.
If you want to be extra sure, spread the siphon with a saturated solution of salt marine (water with lots of salt) and leave it in the brackish water for a few hours.
Salt kills freshwater ich.
(If you're talking just about saltwater ich (in a marine tank), do the opposite-- soak the siphon hose in fresh water.

Boiling the big-hearted of plastic used for most gravel siphons will melt or deform the plastic, so I wouldn't try that if I be you.
i wouldn't recommend boiling it as i don't know if the plastic can take the steam. You can bleach it if you'd like. Rinse it very, enormously well and then as an extra precaution, permit it sit for a little while in a bucket of water that have been treated with your regular water conditioner for your tank. That conditioner neutralizes chlorine and since bleach is chlorine...
Good luck with the ich!

Bleach mixture later rinse really well.
Its harmfull to clean adjectives of the gravel at the bottom, this is where the friendly bacteria live that maintain your river quality. They eat nitrates leftover food etc.
just let it dry out itll die off once its dry. Boiling will verbs the material so instead of it being rigid itll bend and slow down water flow. Bleaching might not be past the worst either it might absorb into the material. Just permit it dry, plus most ich outbreaks are caused by stressed out fish, normals amounts of it in the water will do nought to a well treated fish its only when they get stressed out and immune system fail does ich usually attack.
Just let it dry good between cleanings. Without wet, there is no host for ich.=
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