How do you breed guppies?

i just want to know how you breed guppies? what r your technics on breeding guppies.
very well I would buy two female guppies and two male guppies depending on how many guppies you want. If your feminine gets pregnant it will have a box like shape and your guppies gravid spot (dark place where on earth guppy fry come out) remember guppies are canibal and will eat the guppy fry so I would get a net breeder so when you see your guppy fries eyes contained by the moms stomach thats when to put her into the breeder.Heres how the breeder net works when the guppies are born they sink to the bottom of the tank the breeder has tiny cracks surrounded by whitch only the fry can go into so this will keep the guppies nontoxic. when the mom is done giving birth put her into the normal tank again. You can put the fry into the tank when the guppies can't fit into the adults mouth.
If the feminine is laying down or breathing harsh while pregnant you might want to put her in an epsom saline bath. To do this you have to buy some epsom salt and you call for an exra tank put 1 table spoon per gallon then let the womanly sit for 30 minutes.
Like I answered to your preceding question.

Since livebearer including guppy,platy,molly,swordtail and other are mature at 3-4 month (can start to mate among themselve).

And yield up to 40 childish and sometime over 80 young every 3-4 weeks,within a year so I don't think in that will be any difficulty to breed them.

I suggest you to put 3-4 female with 1-2 mannish in a separate tank (breeding tank) to avoid the fry being eat and more young will survive.

Keep the guppies or other livebearers in a well planted cistern and ensure the water is not too soft,I believe in a couple of week you will have deeply of baby fishes.

Important :

Beware the livebearer such as guppy,molly,platy,swordtail and others may even eat or consume their young.

Try to separate the mother and fry using a breeding tank/trap.

Here are the photo of the breeding container:


Feed the female with mix diet of food like food pellet,worm and supplement near green food and vitamins to get more yield or fry.

Hope the information may solve your questions.And obedient luck with the breeding project.
Answers:    Quick Info.
To breed guppies you should have 2-3 female guppies to every masculine guppy. They should breed quite quickly. Also, females can store sperm from earlier matings, so try to check to see whether your female has been around a masculine. If she has, she will most likely be pregnant. Next, wait approximately 28 days. She will hold babies. Not lay eggs. She will eat her babies so you will want to put her is a breeding trap. She will have anywhere from 2-200, normally around 5-20, but some folks who do this for a living have about 20-40. Then just put her support in the main tank and continue until the fry (babies) are big enough to not be eaten then put them support in the main tank.

More Detailed Info.
To breed guppies you really basically have to put a male and a female together. It is best to enjoy 2-3 females to every male. they will breed quite quickly and here is no special thing that you have to do. Any male and any womanly should breed. They don't really choose favorites. There are some special things that you can feed them or do to their tank, but I would just agree to them work it out on their own.

Pregnant Guppy:
Soon your guppy will be pregnant so you're probably wondering how to tell. By her tail is her gravid spot. This is how you tell how pregnant she is. Also you see how fat she is.
Week 1: She will be rather fatter, but fairly normal. Her gravid spot may be a little dark, but fairly normal still.
Week 2: She will be more fat, that will be noticable, and her gravid spot will be dark and a little bigger.
Week 3: You will now be able to really describe she is pregnant. She will be still more fatter and her gravid spot will still be getting bigger and darker.
Week 4: She will be delivering very soon very soon. As hard to beleive, she will be even more fatter and her gravid spot will be huge. Watch for these signs, this indicludes that she is almost ready to drop. (have fry)
1. Unsual behavior such as not consumption and becoming unsocial.
2. The males will be bothering her to eat the fry and mate.
3. She will go somewhere around the plants or the electric fire.
4. Even if all else fails, you can recount with this, her stomach at the back will become a lot more squared past its sell-by date.

Delivering the Fry:
Put her in a breeder when you notice that her stomach is really squared off. (Breeders are platic or lattice mini tanks that go in the key tant and people put their pregnant livebearer in there for birthing.) She will deliver anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Leave her surrounded by the breeder until you are sure she is done delivering.

Caring for the Fry:
You can feed them mundane food crunched up in really small pieces or feed them fry food. Feed them alot, but in little amounts. 5 times per daylight is good. Keep them in the breeder until they are about 2 weeks hoary, or big enough to keep out of the other guppies mouths.

Telling the Fry's Gender and Fry Info.
The males tend to be small and have more finnage than the females. The males also hold more color than the females. The females will have dull colors and they're gravid spot should show. Guppies can breed at 1 month, but are not fully mature until 4 months.

#1: Guppies can own fry every month and can store sperm so be ready for a lot of fry. Better yet, tolerate your local petstore take them off your hands whether they will.
#2: ALWAYS keep 2-3 females to evey male. The males can harrass a female to the point of extermination. (Probably won't happend, but still be careful.)
#3: You might want to keep a spawning mop in your container just in case your feminine has a drop while you're not there. Here is where you cram how...
#4: Google it if you can't find all the info you need. I fould adjectives this on the internet.
#5: Have Fun!

Guppies Ages and Stages
Approximate growth rates of the Guppy.
Please keep in mind that this will ebb and flow according to care (especially feeding), and genetics. However, I have included this for common reference. Please note that females may grow much larger than the males.

Male Body length not including tails.

New born: 6 mm
One Week: 7 mm
Two Weeks: 1 cm
One month: 1.5 cm
Two months: 2 cm
Three months: 2.5 cm
Six months: 3 - 3.3 cm
Full grown: 3.5 - 4 cm

All you obligation is a male and female. Most guppies have bred and are pregnant when you buy them. Its not complex - they breed fast and often.

You can have one mannish and a couple of females. If you have more then one male, be certain they each have 2-3 females so they won't fight.
Didn't I answer this already? Maybe a similar one? Lol!

Anyways, you should get a least two or three females for every masculine.

They'll basically breed with any female guppy to be exact mature. They're not very picky, haha!

In a nutshell, put them together and wait. Separate the pregnant womanly when her stomach becomes squarish by putting her in a tank/container with lots of live plants (No filter, fry may attain sucked in), and wait. Within the week, she'll give birth. Remove her and put her in a place by herself or in need males for 24 hours. Then put her in the main tank. Feed the fry crushed flakes.

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