How Do You Raise Baby Mollies?

I bought my room mate a three gallon fish tank with 4 mollies and 2 guppies. One of the mollies was pregnant. She give birth last night while we where sleeping. When we get up we did not see any of the fry swimming around but we did notice that the mother was no longer round and pregnant. We did a little probing and found a decent number hiding in the rocks and in other diverse hiding places. Over all we found and captured 8. One was unconscious when we found it. The other seven are now in a small holding cup, much like what Beta fish come within. Four of them are very lively. Two of them are quasi resting and swimming from time to time, and the last one is not doing well at adjectives.

So as for my question now that there is milieu. How are my room mate and I to take care of these baby mollies. We hold 2 one gallon tanks that our late Beat fish lived in for times gone by year. What do we feed them? How fast do they grow? How much room do they need? When can they be placed subsidise in with their mother and the other fish?

Thank you in mortgage for answering my question. Any help is much appreciated!
Congratulations!! Basically you just need to make certain they're water stays at a good quality and that they are feed. Most fish you only feed once or twice a day, but I've read for babies you want to nurture them small amounts about 5-6 times a day. For their food, take flake food and put some within a plastic bag, and crush it as finely as you can. Or, you can go to the store and buy fry food. The fry food is usually surrounded by pouches with names such as "first bites". When I had a couple of toddler platies the food I used was Hikari First Bites.

If they don't all survive don't feel doomed to failure, mollies and guppies reproduce regularly, and if you try and save all the fry you will probably run out of room fairly quickly, don't forget that the fry will grow up to be full grown mollies, so plan with that in intellect.

They will probably need to grow to be about half and inch long up to that time you put them back in with the adults, at least possible big enough so they won't fit in their mouths. If you choose to put them in sooner gross sure there is plenty of hiding places (lots of plants!) for them to hide contained by.
First of all - a 3g reservoir is WAAAY too small for 4 Mollies and 2 Guppies. Get the Mollies their own tank, 10g or larger. The Gups will be fine a 3g, unless they are breeding, in which case it will be too small once you enjoy babies growing out.

My best advice would be get a 20g tank, nouns it with hiding places, put the Mollies in it, let them breed adjectives they want ... the strongest/fastest fry will survive in the hiding places, you will end up with the best of the batch. Lots of plants, decorations, etc. Make sure you do extra water change for those babies, and they will grow faster.
Answers:    The holding cup is efficient space for going on for a week. They grow the fastest in the first few weeks so be sure to find something bigger for them in a week. Since they're very soon in the holding cup and some of them aren't doing so well (stressed, probably), wait until after a week to move them within the one gallon tank. A filter is not necessary and probably best without it as the fry can return with suck in. I would recommend putting some live plants in there to create hiding places for the fry (for them to use when frightened; reduce stress if they feel safer) and create natural oxygen for them.

For food, simply get some tropical flakes you feed to your older fish and put them surrounded by a zip loc bag. Crush them until they're fine powder. For the first few weeks, feed them 3-6 times a daylight, however much they can consume within the 30-60 seconds.

You can put them back near the adults as soon as they're big enough not to fit in the adults' mouths. I would say one month. =]

They arrive at sexual maturity around 2-4 months so you'll be pretty busy again!
Congrats on the babies. They are quite easy to care for, I notably recommend that you place the babies in the other 2 gallon tank that you have to prevent the other fish from truly consuming them. You can go your nearest pet store and acquire a liquid food formula for the babies, however you can also ground down the fish flakes that you already have into nearly a pulp and you feed the residue to the babies - I used to do this all the time and my fry mollies were fine. They will help yourself to a good couple of months until they are old enough to return final into the tank with the mother and others; however, due to the amount of fish already, I would recommend acquiring a 10 - 15 gallon cistern by the time they are close to becoming adults - a tank should have 1 gallon per fish. The best road in determining whether or not they should be returned with their mother is by comparing the size of the fish and if whether or not they are too small for the other fish to start fight with him or possibly even consume. Overall, good luck with everything.
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