How much electricity do fish tank use ?

We have 3 tanks in adjectives, an Aqua one 980 just over 200l, a smaller aqua one i.e. approx 70l and my son's gold fish tank approximately 40l, I appreciate they all have filters, lights etc but more not long our electricity bills have shot up and I can only put it down to the tanks ...our electricity runs at least possible another lb20 per month against our friends without tanks...does that sound practicable?? Does anybody else notice this??
yea you cant compare to friends without tanks, they use very little power apart from heaters, since it is winter your heater may have kicked in and you tank are pretty tiny so the heater are probably 100watts or less (same electricity as a small tv running)
If your electricity shot up ALOT due to your tanks, you may own faulty equipment. They are made to not use alot of electricity. I've never noticed a dif on my bill and I run three tanks and enjoy run more.

I've heard of some seeing a dif, but not that much. And if it's your tanks cause the probs, there's not much you can do because your fish need that equipment to run constantly.

I'm willing ot bet you have some other problem than your tank :)
Maybe you shouldn't leave your box on standby lol
Electricity prices have also shot up, as economically you may have faulty equipment get it checked out, whether heater not working properly will use more electricity.
Answers:    You can not compare your electric bill with your friends. You may just use more electricity than them. If you hold had your tanks for some time, and suddenly the electricity usage rises, then you stipulation to try to find the problem. If these tanks are recent additions, I wouldn't expect that much difference, but it is possible. Either way, just be certain that all of your electrical devices are working properly. You can get a tester to plug into your outlets for a couple bucks at the hardware store-
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