How much would a hammerhead shark cost?

I love sharks and i though it would be so cool to have one!
it would be cooll.where would you keep it lol...fill pool beside salt water may work...well whether this works out i wil have to buy one 2 lol
Good luck getting one legally, but one illegaly will run you $1000-$1500. I have never see one for sale on the internet, but I have seen them at market. They are intended to be eaten but you can just keep it.
Answers:    wow 5 answers and the only remotely close doesn't even know jack about freshwater fish

They ARE availible to the public
They ARE endorsed to own
And an 18" bonnethead (more or less the only hammerhead sold to nonpublic aquaria) will run about $800

However funding the housing of this fish is more on the demand of $70-80,000
Not to mention the very advanced saltwater an medical info needed to keep even small sharks alive coupled the cost of ownership makes this fish out of the grasp of the most experiened and capably funded shark keepers
these are not offered for sale to the public. You can do wicker cat sharks and some other small sharks though.
It would be against the regulation to own one, and even if it wasn't the cost of keeping one would be inhibited. Do you have money to erect a aquarium larger than Sea World?
im guessing $700-$2000
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