How to euthanize a fish?

My Gourami has been ill presently for some time, i have treated her with various things but she is getting weaker by the time, she is the smallest gourami in the tank the others are fine, i think she have just fallen ill and cannot recuperate. I have not been able to pinpoint a individual illness, i have now granted to euthanize her.

I wont be going down the decapitation route and i dont have an clove oil so my other option is the freezing method.

Is freezing humane? any other suggestions much appreciated
I would just permit it die on its own and remove it soon after it dies. It's natural and you don't have to go through any long a drawn out process. Maybe, of late maybe it could recover, you never know.
freezing is a recognised method of euthanising fish-their metabolism slows down and they lose consciousness very quickly, so yes it is humane, even though a lot of relations on here say otherwise. Fish are very different from mammals physiologically and their bodies react hugely differently from ours in a similar situation which is what people don't understand. A better method though is using Phenoxyethanol, found within some fish medications(Interpet no.9) a large overdose of this just sends your fish to sleep.
I think freezing would sort of work. Some species can survive flash freezes. Crustaceans like shrimp are comparatively capable of surviving freezing. Mammals that freeze experience little pain. I guess, at least in that would be less mess and you could thereafter bury your pet with it intact and with smaller number trauma for you.
Neetdeep is right. I have kept fish for years and find that a quick bang on the boss is the quickest and kindest way to put the fish out of it's misery. Freezing is not humane and it could take ages for the fish to die. I am shocked that a fish book would propose that it is the way to mercy kill a fish. I know you will do the right thing. It's not a pleasant article to have to do. x
The MOST HUMANE way is to put it surrounded by pure alcohol (vodka, rum, the higher percentage, the better). The fish will "get drunk" and then intervene out for good :(
I've done research and it is said that this is the most humane way to do it.
just leave it. it would be in more aching if you froze it to death just tolerate it die on its own in the tank or it might even get better try feed it bloodworms so it will get more protein and will probably get better. its most likely getting not satisfactory food. so just leave it then fairly be inhumane an kill it.
Answers:    I enjoy heard that clove oil euthanizes fish - obviously you would want to separate her from the others for this...
cut its head off with a run through. the fish would feel no pain and would die instantly. I understand than is rugged but you said "i would rather see any of my pets gently put to sleep than rather suffer "i would a bit see any of my pets gently put to sleep than rather suffer"
the best way fish would touch the little or no pain is BANG it on the floor. This causes immediate destruction. But I am against euthanizing any living organism.
when i have to put a fish i put it contained by a container with some tank water next straight into the freezer for about 15-20 minutes may sound cruel but i think thats the best route after youve tried all other ways to save it
there are so many * retards who answer question like this

the ONLY ways sanctioned as humane are anesthesia and alcohol, anesthesia and severance of the spine AND destruction of the brain, and anesthetic overdose.

in either overnight case you're going to need anesthetics. vets and pros use trican, MS222, or similar drugs, but clove oil from a pharmacy, robustness store, or drug store work just as well.

many of the morons here hold suggested freezing which is one of the most INhumane ways to kill ANYthing.
one of the especially moronic actually suggested that it be painless even for mammals... you ever run around in winter with no clothes on? it's NOT painless.

a $5 bottle of clove oil from walgreens, CVS, GNC, or any other drug store will be more than ample to quietly and peacfully put your fish to rest..

remove the fish to a large cup or bucket of tank dampen.. in a seperate container (with a lid, like a water bottle or something) shake the clove grease (10 drops per liter of water) and some tank water untill it turns milky then supply to the bowl/bucket/cup with the fish

in about 10 minutes the fish should be knock out.. either place in alcohol, remove/destroy brain, or add another 10 drops per liter solution of clove grease to the bowl, as before, within and hour the fish should be gone..

of course do adjectives you can before euthanizing
I would contact your local aquarium shop, they usually enjoy a better idea on these things.. even if it is out of the city you are in.. You can dance on google and locate one.. I am sorry for your loss.
Freezing is NOT humane. It will not kill the fish quickly and apparently rime crystals form in the brain causing massive pain. I hold heard pouring a bottle of strong spirit like vodka into a tank can euthanise the fish painlessly, but to be rather frank I'd ask a vet.
my fish book tells you to put them within the freezer, but i cant do this. But that is the kindess way of doing it. Good luck
You don't deserve pet's! that is cruel.
most pet stores use baking soda. a good dose of baking soda in water will essentially shock the fish to death.
If the fish has to be put to sleep you should take it to a vet. It's cruel to try to do it yourself.
Freezing is absolutely NOT humane! The fish is fully aware of what is happening, and the departure is slow and painful. How would you like it if someone be to stick you in the freezer and leave you to die?

In response to one Answerer, vodka will burn the gills without the assistance of clove grease (which acts as an anaesthetic so the fish goes to sleep) so I cannot see how that will be painless.

A bottle of clove oil costs around lb2 from Boots and many other chemists. It's used to treat toothache. If you don't have any at the moment, get some tomorrow and (if you must) euthanize the fish later.

I am not against euthanasia if the fish is in serious pain, have a life -threatening illness which will claim its life besides, or if it's lost its ability to swim properly for anything more than a minute (the result of which will be exhaustion, stress and extermination anyway). However, I never give up trying to treat the fish until the fish gives up itself or is so ill it cannot be save.

What are the symptoms the fish is suffering from?
How big is the tank?
What are your water readings for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH?
What are the other inhabitants of the fish?
Are you SURE she's womanly?

Just because you don't know how to treat her, doesn't automatically mean she's unsavable.
Sometimes euthanasia is the kindest way, at least possible there are no moral or religious inhibitions regarding animals!
We do as you propose, and gently place the affected fish in a shallow amount of its cistern water, and place it in the freezer for 24 hours. It will simply go to sleep and freeze. Next hours of daylight you can defrost it and dispose of the body as you will.
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