I stipulation backing near my oranda's wen?

I have a red cap oranda and it is about 2 inches immediately. I bought the fish from 1 inch at a good quality store. My water tryout show no ammonia nitrite and 15 nitrate. My ph is usually 7.6 but just for this week it has be 6.4 as i forgot to add ph up.

So the problem is that my redcap orandas wen went from red to clearish whitish. Its not like a majority white pimple orandas get it can be growth. Half the 3/4 the wen is clearish white and the other is red the clear thing is like a patch. Is this everyday. What can i do to fix it? its eating normal and behaving majority.

What i think is that the oranda had a major growth spurt 1 inch to 2 inches so like lightning the red part of the wen couldnt keep up and is clear LOLOL
I have orandas too - the problem may have be caused by the PH crash, i've lost a couple of fish in the past because of this. A PH of 6.4 is too low for your fishie, the marine becomes too acidic for them, and if it crashed like greased lightning it can cause the fish to get sick, though you say it's behave normal. perhaps the ph crash damaged its skin, cause its wen to partially change colour? i don't know for sure, freshly guessing! I would strongly advise you not to use PH up, even though it does raise the ph, it's only stopgap, so you need to keep adding it. Try getting a shoulder bag of crushed coral from your fish store, it raises the ph naturally, and once the correct even is reached, it will hold for around 6 months or so. you don't need too much (too high ph is as fruitless as too low)
i have a 55g tank, the ph kept dropping to around the same as yours, and i added 2 cups of coral (rinse it very well first), then the following week added about another cup. my PH is now at a full-bodied 7.6 and all is well in the reservoir. I don't know what was causing the ph to drop all the time, but this worked great for me!
in actual fact, i was at my local store the other day, and they had a red trilby oranda with half red, half white panama. Maybe yours was going to change color anyway, and it lately coincided with your water problem! If thats the case, you've get nothing at all to worry going on for, but the crushed coral really does work and will help to avoid any future ph problems naturally, lacking having to add un-necessary chemicals!
(oops, sorry, it was simply gonna be a short answer!)
hope your fishie stays healthy and happy :-)

ps, yes, pro gold is biddable, mine have hikari gold lionhead pellets, also dutiful (as well as their fruits and veggies!)
I would treat him for a fungal type problem. The wen should not transformation color, although one answer was correct in that a big amount of goldfish do change color with age. But I don't think that this is your problem. I believe it is fungal, or possibly a bacterial infection.

Either way contact your local fish store and give them your symptoms to help properly treat the conndition!

Answers:    Unfortunately the wen can be any color and not just red. Unless he is truley a "red cap" later yes only raspberry or red. Breeding and showing standards the cap (other than a RED CAP can be of any color. US Goldfish standards for breeding, Bristol standards for breeding and the AGA standards for breeding)

Here is a photo of a calico Oranda

They also now own the telescope eye oranda.

Your oranda could be a tigerhead or not of a pure mix. Either way there are times when the wen is devoloping the new growth is not "rasberry" but prior to color relocate will look clear, pink or white. He will be developing his wen between 1-2 years of age and be fully developed by 2 1/2 years when he/she matures. Those that do not fully develop are called tigerhead orandas.

DO you add any carotines to his diet? This will give support to form a brighter color on your fish. Pumpkin, redpeppers, brine, carrots etc. will help enhance his color. Honestly nothing to verbs about just normal growth.

think twice Fennis S's answer IS NOT for your question, Im not sure where his/her connect takes you but its SPAM even possibly a virus or sum sh**.dont click it!
Color change in goldfish, including orandas, are normal as they get elder and bigger.
It might help retain or restore the red color somewhat if you feed special "color food" that is to say high in pigment precursors like carotenes, astaxanthin, and spirulina.
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