Is my minnow pregnant or chubby ?

I have six white cloud mountain minnows. Two are males and four are females. The last week the two males have be displaying a lot and now my one female is fatter than usual. Here are some pics :)
specifically two pics of my one pregnant minnow. Sorry about the quality but it is night time here.
This is a pic I took early in the day of my little sucker fish having his/her first zucchini, but you can see my minnows for comparisson. The fat/pregnant one is not within this photo.
another attempt at taking a photo at night, this one is a bit clearer.
Answers:    Shes definitely full of eggs!! She should lay them soon to judging by the pics. Might want to plan whether you want to keep them, if not im sure adjectives the other fish will clean em up for you. Good luck and well done Angel
it is likely pregnant
they are flowing to breed and they dont usually eat their fry but the sucker fish might
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