Jungle ich treatment? does this work?

okay, so ive owned jungle ich treatment, or ich clear, for about a month now. i got the treatment from walmart. one of my preceding fish had ich, he is fine now since i gave him this specific treatment. but i put him within the tank for about 2 minutes a couple days ago, he had ich but be healed at the time i put him in, i took him out though on the same hours of daylight. and my comet goldfish has 3 small white spots on her tail. she doesnt seem to have any signs of ich...but i want to be certain, does jungle ich clear treatment work? and what could possibly be these white 3 spots on her tail?
Answers:    The myth about ich is that it is some horid creature that jumps from fish to fish and attacks them all for no object. The truth about ich is it is a naturally occuring parasite that is within all water sources. you reintroduce ich every time you do a water metamorphose. Ich will only attach itself to stressed or immune deficient fish. The spots on your goldfish could simply be spawning spots (and yes sometimes some females will display spawning spots) 3 small spots does not constitute ich infestation. They could also be from poor water conditions as very well. If the spots are a parasite then yes your ich treatment will work. her large belly could be that she have come into eggs. If she is swimming normally and eating I don't think you enjoy much to worry about here.

Also if one fish within the tank has ich, the entire tank requirements to be treated. Ich lives in the water then on the fish next back into the water. Removing one fish for treatment isn't killing rotten the ich remaining in the tank.

Get your fish back contained by the same tank. Honestly I think the feminine may be with eggs.
It could be a lot of things. A fish doesn't have to enjoy spots to have ick, in fact, for most of its vivacity stage it doesn't display spots. It could have been transferred in the 2 minutes. Also, the best ick treatment, within my opinion, is quick cure. You should be able to find it anywhere that sell fish stuff. I would see if you can find a picture of what the goldfish's spots look like. Unfortunately, a lot of diseases manifest as "white spots." More info or a picture would be practical. Also, when treating ick, its helpful to raise the temp in the reservoir to 80-82, as long as it is safe for the specific fish you are treating.
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