Length of time for full growth of angel fish ?

How long does it take for an angel fish to get to full growth? Also is it hard to lift them. If they are in a community tank, I can't understand why they would be any harder to hold than regular fresh water fish. I need someone who has angel fish to reply this question. Thanks
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Im not sure on the time it would whip for one to max out. But, most cichlids have the majority of their growing done by the time they hit one year. So about a year, give or steal a few months, and youll have your full grown angel.

They are a bit more difficult to care for because they are cichlids. And most cichlids dont tolerate other fish very ably. The angelfish normally doesnt have any problems with other fish. The problems occur when they begin spawning. Then, an angel will kill everything else in the cistern. But some angels are just meaner than others, and wont tolerate other fish well. Most of the time youll see the aggression when they are full grown though.

I dont have them as of right presently, but Ive kept them before. Their care isnt much different than most cichlids, because they are cichlids.
Answers:    They are generally full size at about a year, they fatten up some the moment year. They do continue to grow throughout their life, but growth slows considerably after about two years.

Why are they harder? They close to warmer temperatures, people don't realize this. On your adjectives standard aquarium thermometer above 80F is the danger zone. Ignore this with angels, low to mid 80'sF is best. Cooler temperatures slows metabolism, which includes digestion. The fish get constipated, bacterial issues set in, often affecting the swim bladder.
Angels are awesome! I have 3 in with a bumblebee goby and a gold ingots gourami... no fights at all! Except for a little bite every now and then between the biggest and smallest, but nothing too big! As for the other query, their life span is anywhere between 10 - 12 years! So I imagine it would take a while! I get one of mine at about 2 inches tall about 3 months ago and he is presently about 2 and a half... so it would take a while!
it kind of depends on the type of angel, but some freshwater angels can rob over a year to reach full size. I have two angels of the same age that are in truth different sizes (just a little). they are about 7 & 8" tall from top to bottom fin tips and are about a 1 1/2 years frail. I suspect they would grow larger in the wild. also, angels are very hardy and can live comfortably within a wide variety of water conditions. for more accurate information drop by http://www.aquahobby.com/age_of_aquarium...
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