My African Dwarf frog is floating what to do?

He has been floating at the top of the tank for in the order of 5 days now. He looks dead, but if you touch him he's alive. He will not travel to the bottom of the tank even when I do touch him. He doesn't move at all just floats surrounded by his corner. I have had him for about 1 year very soon and he's never done this before. Is he sick? What can I do?
Answers:    ok this could be normal behavior

or worst i had equal problem a year ago my dwarf frog was doing the same thing. Then i be wondering why is it bubbles in my tank i thought it was soap. to put together long story short. I visit my local pet store told the the pet clerk what happened. he said that perchance the temp of the water was right. Then I thought about it our cistern was by a heatin vent. so check the water temperature beside a thermometer and check the surroundings. take care.
hes not sick or dying, sometimes its for nouns, as they do their tremendous rush to the top of the cage.
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