My Black Moor have white slime on his eyes and body, any thinking?

When you say slime precisely what does it look like, cottony slime?

While the poster above me is correct it doesn't sound approaching a fungus and is more than likely an irritant in the water. Have you tested your wet and what are the readings? Also, moores are goldfish and cannot/should not have any salts within their water. Adding salt will also over coat the fish.

Slime disease, ich what ever you prefer to call it is a parasite. Prior to treatment you really want to be sure.

can you post a picture?
First poster is close, but not quite. Cloudy eye is not a fungus. I do NOT recommend using a fungus product at this point, because you have described absolutely nil that sounds even remotely close to fungus problem. Fungus looks fluffy, like cotton or mold on food, not slimey.

It's excess slime coat, which is caused by some kind of irritant. First, check your hose quality, make sure ammonia and nitrites are at 0 ppm. Also monitor your ph and brand sure it's not fluctuating really bad. Major ph swings will cause that as in good health.

If that checks out fine, then keep an eye out for symptoms of parasites-usually scratching or rubbing on objects within the tank, darting around the tank, breathing big, etc. Those can also be present with poor water quality, so be certain to rule out the water quality first.

Cloudy eyes is a bacterial infection, however I think since you're seeing slime really body, it's most likely related to that and not necessarily a bacterial infection.

Make sure your tank is the appropriate size for your fish. 1 fancy goldfish approaching yours should have at least a 15-20 gallon tank for itself, and that's really pushing it. Make certain you have adequate filtration as well. And, form sure you're doing frequent water changes/gravel vacuums. I recommend for a normal stocked container, changing out 25% of the water once a week. Good luck!
Answers:    CLOUD EYE-
this looks like a white covering over the eye.
It is basically a fish fungus which actually is pretty glib to cure.
I have had to deal near this problem once before with one of my black moores.
Go to your local Petsmart Petco or mom and pop fish store.
I recommend a product called Fungus Clear made by Jungle.
They are fizzing tablets that are authentic easy to use.

Poor water quality is the issue. Do a 25% hose change and take your water within to Petsmart to be tested. Or if you want you could by a $30 water testing paraphernalia at Petsmart which is what I own.

Like I said before I have had this problem since and it has been cured with my technique
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