My Goldfish is bleeding?

My goldfish lives in a 10 gallon tank he is about 5 inches big, 4 years out-of-date and I just noticed that under both of his front fins in attendance is blood, it looks like he has matching cuts. There is nought in the tank that i can think on that would effect theses. The tank has two plants within it and the rest is just rocks. What could have caused this? And what does it show? is he dying :( ?
ya of late do reseaerch!
Check the water params. (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate). Also, this fish is too large for this tank. Goldfish really shouldn't be housed within anything less than 25-30 gallons with a large filter.=
Answers:    Does it look like red streaks? Check your water quality, variety sure ammonia and nitrites are at 0 ppm. Red streaks can be a sign of ammonia poisoning, or septicemia which is an internal bacterial infection. Your tank is a tad small for a goldfish. If it's a fancy variety, a 20 gallon would be better. 5 inches on a 4 year weak goldie is kinda small, even for a fancy variety. If it's a common or comet, that's way too small and it's noticeably stunted.

If they look like open sores, then that's a bacterial infection as all right. But the fins are kind of a weird place for that to show up like that, normally ulcers will show up on the body somewhere.

Your best bet is to check the water quality first to rule that out. If it is that, next start increasing your water changes and look around for a larger tank. If it's a bacterial problem, you'll inevitability an antibiotic to treat it. With septicemia a medicated antibacterial food is your best bet. Good luck!
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