My goldfish is dying I regard as. Laying on his side and trying complex to breath. Is it dying or lately Cranky?

It is just a regular goldfish but he is in with three others.

This morning adjectives of them were playing in hte bubbles and looked as though they were have fun. He was being interactive and coming to the sideof the tank to articulate hello.

Now he has gone to the bottom of the tank and looks weak and have lost interest in everything. The others are going over to him to encourage him but he just keep falling to the side against the rock.

He is gulping slowly and there is no blood or anything around his gills that look the same as they did when i got them.

I turn the heavens pump off at night but that hasn't seemsed to bother them before.

I integer he is dying because the water is fine, there is no amonia or crud in the container and no chlorine.

I did take out a plant though because it was causing too much algae and I get a plastic plant from the pet shop. I washed it properly before I put it in.

Could it possibly be that he doesn't liek the strange plant or could he have hurt himself flying throguh the bubbles with his tankmates?
Maybe because you are turning off the air pump. If it can't swim or swept absent by the force of the water, then he is dying.
Is he moving at all? Is he drinking and if so how much? Has he been pooping? He might be constipated...

You probably should isolate him though in a smaller cistern and stop turning the air pump off at night the fish can efficiently drown. Its easier to breath with a live plant in the tank makeing more Oxygen when the pump is stale but take that away and no more air.

Just something to muse about.
Assuming the tank is cycled so he's not suffocating from nitrite poisoning, after it sounds like he is sick. Fish don't play I am mad and going to lie here approaching people do. He might be hurt. Maybe he found a plastic piece to eat off the strange plant, could be lots of things.

One other thing, plants reduce algae growth, they compete for the nutrients the algae need. One of the cures for algae is to include rapid growing plants to outcompete the algae.


He doesn't sound to moral. Feed him a him crushed,deshelled, cooked pea. That might help. He has swim bladder
Answers:    While it is highly possiable he injured himself while "Playing". Did you certainly test your water for ammonia and nitrites? You only enjoy an airpump and not an actual filter on the tank? just curious.

Your fish seem to own the classic symptoms of swimbladder. Is he eating or did you try to feed them? If you can stop all falke and pellet foods to adjectives your fish. Feed only green veggies for the next few days. Lettuce, peas, zucchini, spinach, etc. To happen this like greased lightning it sounds more like swimbladder than anything else. Especially if you cannot see any other visiable signs of disease or parasites. Turn the heavens pump on and leave it on.

PS Plants don't cause algae, they prevent it.
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