My ashen tang have some white fuzzy cotton looking stuff on the corner of his mouth,anyone know what it is?

my yellow tang has some cotton looking stuff on the corner of his mouth, it doesnt seem to be affecting him and i dont believe it is ick anyone hold any suggestions? thanks.
fungus take emedient thoroughness!!
fungus, immedietly put your fish in another reservoir! it is highly HIGHLY contagious and could kill your fish. do a 65% percent water coppers and let the tank run with filter on lacking fish for 3 days. you could get treatment for fungus at walmart, petland, petsmart and petco.
Answers:    It isn't a fungus. Fungual infections are very rare surrounded by salt water fish. If it is on his mouth more than likely it is columnaris. Treatment should be beside Minocycline (not tetracycline) since is a gram positive while Columnaris is a gram negative bacteria. Triple Sulfa or Sulfamerazine, Sulfamethazine, Sulfathiazole abroad spectrium antibiotic will work as all right.
Follow the directions skimmer off.

Columnaris is caused usually from shortage of proper minerals in the tank, handeling, or overcrowded tanks and low PH. Most of these could hold been caused since you just treated for ich. It may not come across like the columnaris is affecting your fish but large sores could form from this bacterial infection. Test the water, hose change and treat with Minocy

time to go to petsmart
Fungus. Treatment is available at the store.
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