Something is wrong next to my betta fish?

i got a half moon betta fish 3 days ago. it came surrounded by a container with little water. It looked dead to start with, but i thought it was just because it be cramped up. I figured it needed a good hope to bring it back to energy and flare out his tail.
since i have had it, it has be, lifeless, it swims around with his back fins closed tight, unless you touch on the glass then it swims away kinda briskly and spreads its fins. it looks depressed, but i think it might be dying.
he has a funny swim. he barely uses his spinal column tail, and normally furiously moves his 2 front fins. my betta has pretty ragged spinal column fins. is that normal for a half moon?
he also rests at the top of his bowl. it's actually a pot. about a gallon. He goes up for air a great deal, but lately he just lays there against the real floating plant, and doesn't move. you cant even see his gil move at adjectives. he looks lifeless, and if i tap on the chalice, it takes him some time to move. is he dying?
and the most important thing, it looks close to he has peeling skin. it looks similar to when people trim after they get sunburn, because its in strips, but its fluffyish and white. its only on his posterior, its gotten alot worse as the day went on.
please help me beside my fish moonshine :(
So many things are wrong!

You cant keep him contained by a vase. Its cruel to put a plant in the top of the vase near a fish in there. Is there a approach he can get oxygen from the top?

Get him a proper tank, with a kiln and filter.

Sounds like he is really sick. And you're not helping him by puting him in a vase. The plant wont present him oxygen.. He needs to breathe actual air, even if the river has alot of oxygen in it, he still needs to win to the surface and breathe from there.

Sounds like he has a impossible case of fungus.. Keep his water extremely clean, it will lend a hand.And yeah, take the plant out it seems to be cutting his oxygen supply short.

Betta fish dont live sour the plants roots by the way.. They need proper food. Your other betta must have be eating small insects, not the plants roots.

Do research online before getting fish. Would you lock a dog in a closet? No? Yeah thats what I thought.

Sorry for person rude.. But it sh*ts me when people dont do their research first before getting fish.. Its a short time ago cruel how some people keep fish..

And do not tap on the chalice, it hurts his ears.. Its the same as if you were to sit beside a massive speaker that have alot of bass and on maximum volume.
I'm not an expert on betta fish, but when I have fish in the past the tank have to be oxygenated so the fish can breath. Normally you have a pump throwing air into the tank, or a river fall mixing the air with the river. If this is correct then his blood cells aren't getting oxygen and he will be greatly inactive and tired.
Answers:    Your little guy sounds very sick. Bettas are tropical fish and they need warm sea. My guess is that the water in your vase is not heat enough for him. This will cause him to be sluggish. Please don't tap on the cup. He is getting very startled and that is difficult for him when he is sick.

My advice is to move him from the jug into a legitmate tank or fish bowl. Those vase/Peace Lily arrangements are a marketing idea and they are SO unfair to the fish.

I could pace you through the steps for acclimating him to his new bowl, etc but I won't take up the space here.

Please go to this website
The woman who runs the site is a Betta breeder and she is very knowledgeable. Be sure to read more or less acclimating your fish and the section on Betta health.
Good luck with your fish!
Okay, first of all when you tap on the glass, it scare your fish half to death and makes his situation plentifully worse. Stress can kill just as easily as disease. He comes up for nouns a lot because it is hard for him to breathe. It is a myth that betas can be kept well within bowls. They need proper filtration just like any other tropical fish. The whitish stuff you are seeing is ick. You have need of to do a lot more research before getting another fish, but in the meantime, move about to your local fish store and get him some medicine. Ask for some advice while you are in attendance. You need it!
get him a 2.5+ gallon heated, filtered aquarium

BETTAS ARE CARNIVORES they will simply eat plants as a very very second resort that why yours only lived for 2 years

i mean we could live of a no vege diet for a while but not for long

they are tropical fish a small vase cannot be kept at a steady temperature so they become very lethargic

ALWAYS do THOROUGH RESEARCH until that time buying any animal

the whole vase concept is a very cruel perception
I think your fish is dying. you should take it back to the store and they might know how to help or give you a new one. Is it drinking? i had a similar problem with my betta and i was competent to nurse it back to life. i put it in a container that wasn't highly deep so that it wouldn't have to swim up so high to grasp to the food. i kept it there for like a week and once it started eating it get better. it took the poor fish a while so have patience. if your fish looks approaching is doesn't have a lot of energy similar to mine did, put it in a container that it doesn't need to swim so much or use so much energy to acquire air and food.
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