Water temp. for goldfish?

I have a black moor and a white goldfish with a bumpy red haed and a yellow goldfish near air bubbles near his eyes. Sorry, i do not remember their right names. They all have the flowing fancy fins. i hold looked at all types of websites and senn a range of temps. right now my cistern is set to about 76. Should i lower it? I have three fish all on the smaller size and 4 snails to chomp through algae. They are in a 29 gal tank with a filter and space heater. Also, what other fish, if any can survive with goldfish? or, what are some cool types of goldfish? I like the strange abnormal looking kind and I live in Vegas so any suggestions on stores?
I have 2 black moor and big flashy goldfish and one BIG catfish. 76 is perfect for goldfish, mine truly runs 78. I have a auto heater no settings. But they are suppose to like cooler waters. Their fins will find shabby and torn if too warm. I have a 30 gal reservoir and I could not put another fish in there they are too big and give a great deal of waste from eating. So be careful tally more. I think you should stick to the goldfish family in one reservoir. Good Luck! My fish look great have had them a year now.
76F is roughly speaking the maximum temp for fancy goldfish, so a bit lower is actually better for them. Around 68F would be ideal, which is about average room heat. If you set the heater for 68F it will only come on in really cold weather and stop the container getting too cold. Fancy goldfish aren't as hardy as common goldfish so they dont like really cold water and keeping them at low tropical temps is relatively common.

Dont get any more fish for that size tank, the ones you own will grow to fill it.

just leave em they dont need it unless you own a very large tank...
any goldfish poorly ness is likly to be because of overstocking without water change
You requirement to take the heater out of the tank. Goldfish are cold wet fish. Although they will do fine with it, they prefer colder temps around 65 degrees. Save your electricity, and take the radiator out.
Answers:    QUOTE. "commons can survive from 10F. - 95F. the fancy ones are more wimpy "

You got some tuff goldfish bud
the maximum temp. would be 22c. and no less than 10c. you might try the hillstream loach,looks really nice and feeds on algae.upright luck.
Nope you are good at 76. All goldfish are fine under 78 degrees on a fixed basis Fancy's prefer the warmer temps but do handle the colder ones as powerfully. Yes there are a number of fish that can be housed with your goldfish.

Barbs - Several at hand species of Barbs are tolerant of temperatures in the sixties, or even lower. easy to caution for, suitable for a community aquarium. These are: Rosy Barb (Barbus conchonius) Gold Barb (Barbus schuberti), Green Barb (Barbus semifasciolatus), Two Spot Barb (Barbus ticto).
Bloodfin Tetra - Both the standard Bloodfin (Aphyocharax anisitsi), and the False Bloodfin (Aphyocharax dentatus) tolerate temperatures in themid sixties. are easy to keeping for, and are quite hardy.
Blind Cave fish (Astyanax fasciatus mexicianas) Does well in temperature of 64-77 and is a peacefull community fish
Buenos Aires Tetra (Hemigrammus caudovittatus) - they do well with temperatures mid sixties. Standard varietiesand albinos
Croaking Tetra (Coelurichthys microlepis) - jammy to care for and are suitable for community tanks.
Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) - many appealing variations
Hillstream Loach es - Not all of them like cool temperature, but do well with temperatures contained by the upper sixties.
Hypostomus plecostomus – pleco, common pleco, janitor fish, hearty even salt tolerant up to brackish hose, also prefers cooler water under 76 degrees.
Native Fish - A range of North American native fish . Virtually all of them tolerate cool water. Availability vary from state to state, as do laws regarding which species may be legally kept contained by home aquariums. Keep in mind that some will become too ample to keep in a standard aquarium.
Pearl Danio (Brachydanio albolineatus) - Like the zebra danio, this fish is very hardy and smooth to care for. It will tolerate temperatures into the mid 60's without difficulty, and is uncomplicated to find. They are larger than zebras, but need not be kept in schools.
Weather Loach (Misgurnus angullicaudatus) Can do ably with temps in the fifties, and it makes an excellent interviewee for a coldwater tank.
Wimple (Myxocyprinus asiaticus) Freshwater Batfish. This is a unique fish to have. mid sixties.
White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichtys albonubes) - Easy fish to exactness for.
Zebra Danio (Brachydanio rerio) mid sixties, and are very easy to care for. Long finned species are available, as capably as a popular leopard spotted variety.
ide or orfe, Leuciscus idus Great for outdoor ponds when you can find them
Red tail sharks if keeping the dampen below 78
Rainbow Darter, Etheostoma caeruleum grows about 4 inches kept under 77 degrees feed on algae.
Northern Redbelly Dacer, good under 75 degrees and a correct algae eater grows around
Bullhead, Cottus gobio great bottom dweller and algae eater under 77 degrees

While there are several types sometimes it is the coloring that makes the difference, like pandas or zebras.

Blue Pompon
Crown pearlscale
either would be nice.

your cistern is way to hot


59f would be best

your tank is already over stocked so you cant add more fish

Room temperature is fine for gold fish...unless you don't turn heat on within the winter lol, Don't waste money on a heater, also make certain you declorinate the water using stress coat, etc.
commons can survive from 10F. - 95F. the fancy ones are more wimpy
10 degree Celsius!!
Goldfish grow efficient and make a lot of waste. You own enough fish in the tank immediately, and they have some room to grow. If you add more fish you'll need to verbs the tank more often.

Room-temperature is fine; goldfish are fairly tolerant of a reach of temp's, but they prefer coldish rather than warmish. Save the heater for winter, if you stipulation it at all. What they don't need is sudden changes of heat, but with a 29-gal tank they are fairly not dangerous from that.

If you add any other fish, consider small scavengers that can also tolerate cooler temps. Don't get any that are aggressive, or they could devastate the goldfish's fins.
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