What other freshwater fish can coexist near a MALE betta?

depends on the tank size
The short and simple answer is, almost any non Betta, as male Betta's do not tolerate other Betta's at all, and to avoid fish near long flowing fins, such as something like an Angelfish, or Gourami, as this can provoke your male Betta into an attack. Outside of that, most anything can work to some degree. Then cistern size comes into play.
In my 10 gallon tank I have a male betta, goldfish, sucker fish, shark (not a genuine shark one of those fish that looks like 1) neon,and an orange small fish and they all gain anlong fine.
most tetras

In general, the big discouraging betta is the one that will end up being picked on to death whether placed with the wrong fish.
Quite a lot.

It comes down to two factors, what will attack the Betta and what will the Betta attack.

Anything with long fins is out, as the poor sighted Betta will filch them as competition.

Anything that fin nips is out as the Betta will get eaten alive.

Cory on the bottom, Otocinclus cleaning the cup, small shoaling tetra all do OK with Betta. Just use common sense surrounded by your selection and allow for the fact they don't like strong currents and really roomy tanks.
you will obligation atleast a 10 gallon tank, you can try white could mountain minnows, rasboras, or 4 corie cats. i know people have also have success with aferican dwarf frogs.
A female betta can, just don't draw from another male. They may even have babies! :D
Many other smaller fish can coexist as well, ask your vet or a local pet store owner.
Betta's are EXTREMELY aggressive, do not mix them beside other peaceful freshwater fish, you will create a very stressful environment in your container. If you absolutely must have a betta and other fish in one reservoir, make sure that it is at least 55 gallons and the other fish are semi-aggressive themselves similar to female Betta's, kissing gouramis or rosy barbs and are about like size.
Answers:    Contrary to the popular belief, bettas can be housed with other fish, male or female.

You can attempt to maintain:
- white cloud minnow
- tetras
- danios
- angelfish
- livebearers *except mollies can be fin nippers
- rasboras
Got that one from http://bettas.fishjunkies.com/tankmates.
I wouldn't recommend any guppies either. Their long tails may be mistaken for another betta.

Getting the betta to coexist with any fish depends on the temperament of the betta, remember, so nought is guaranteed, but I'm sure you already knew that. ;)

Another thing I recommend is lots of plants within there for the betta or fish to hide. =] I recommend live plants as the fake ones tend to scratch fins.

Good luck!

avoid it!
y cnt u just get a female?
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