Which is the most lively and intelligent cichlid?

I want to expand my current 10-gallon molly tank into a 55-gallon freshwater tank. I'm going to keep the 4 mollies surrounded by the 10-gallon. I'm going to get 6 corydoras catfish, some giant danion, and some cichlid. I want a really intelligent, yet only slightly aggressive cichlid near lots of personality. Which of these has the most of what I just said?

1.) Severums
2.) Blood parrot
3.) Angelfish

Any other really smart cichlids out there?
Out of all of those I would go with the Angelfish. The Severums and Parrot cichlids (the latter are truly hybrids between two other cichlid species) can be aggressive. Other suitable cichlids include Keyhole cichlids (Cleithracara maronii).

I wouldn't recommend Severums, they can grow to 30cm/12" and would need a 55 gallon tank to themselves.
I don't know how you judge what makes anything intelligent, and whether you're just going to take someone's word off the internet lacking doing your own research, as it appears, how you just throw the word "cichlid" around, you haven't, why do you ask something like that on here? Seriously? You think everyone give an accurate answer in a forum like this where you grasp points for answering whatever you feel like, and not a soul screens or monitors for accuracy? I think you might want to purloin a little time to do your own research, but if you want to know what I think out of those three nominated,

I'd go with Severums. I think Blood Parrots are shocking and hideous, and yes as someone else said, they aren't even a true fish, it's a man made hybrid. Angels can be down right nasty among each other, and I really don't find them to be anything special, but that's just me. I don't approaching the odd an unusual shapes of a Angel or Blood Parrot, so my choice would be Severums.

I could probably think of a few other species I outlook as intelligent but they wouldn't go well with a 55 gallon container that's clearly set to South American standards.
Answers:    oscars are really smart
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