Why does my fish push the other fish around the aquarium?

I have a Pearlscale Goldfish and recently i bought a second fish to add on to the tank (i think it's an oranda). both fish are tiny ones... like 1.5 inches including the tail. ill-fatedly, the new fish keeps swimming at my pearlscale and literally pushing it around the tank!! it does this during feed time only, and the rest of the time, everything is fine. what's going on, and what can i do? i dont think that it is due to competing for food, cause sometimes the unsullied fish will be at the top where all the food is, while my old fish will be at the bottom where on earth there is no food at all, yet the alien fish will swim all the way to the bottom and go pester the hoary fish instead of eating! i have no idea what i can do. i've read online that sometimes fish are territorial and dont similar to newcomers... but in this case, it's the newcomer to be exact chasing the old fish! is this normal behavior? will my old fish capture hurt in the end, or is this just an annoyance to it?
there are many possible answers to this question.
1. New fish can also be territorial. they may try to push within to the old fishes territory. the best way to fix this is to remove adjectives ornaments in the bowl/aquarium, and leave them for about an hour. this will remove any preceding territories that they may like to inhabit. place only 2 ornaments support in the tank ant opposite ends. the fish will consequently only have two options to pick from and will also be separated so they wont collide.
2. if both fish are the same gender they will most probable fight for superiority but the above tip should solve that problem.
3. another possibility may be that the new fish is trying to mate near your old one, as female fish do not eat during courtship until they spit the babies out. Male fish of any breed obtain very aggressive towards females during courtship, often biting and sometimes even killing the womanly.
i hoped i helped.
i think the new fish is trying to be territorial. idk something like the hurt thing, it all depends on how violent the different one is
Answers:    the contemporary fish is testing to see if it is in charge or whether the other fish is in charge. This is simply to test who is more important. When the unsullied fish eats the food, let him eat it. after, while the new fish is eating, give the dated fish some food. It's just like adopting a trial child; the new one wants to see if they are more momentous than the old.
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