About posting at the trot?

I'm still a little bumpy with my feet within the stirrups but I'm getting much better. The thing that really kills me is when my trainer says to give somebody a lift my feet out of the stirrups and try posting. I can't seem to get my bottom out of the saddle.

I suppose my legs aren't that strong. I'm going to start doing exercises to improve my leg strength but other than that, any tips for this beginner?

Sometimes I find myself gripping for a time bit with my knees.

When you have sturrips label sure you ARE NOT gripping with your knee, but beside the back of your knee and calf
the best article to do is practice practice practice. a lot of beginners have trouble with the posting trot at first until their legs attain stronger and their balance gets better. it takes plentifully of time in the saddle to get better. i also take the stirrups absent (off the saddle) from beginner riders while on the lung line. it helps build their leg muscles and help them figure out their balance without worrying more or less controlling the horse. no stirrups is the best way and i find that once they learn how to hold their leg and post without a stirrup, its much easier when they find them back. Beginners tend to brace against the stirrups as well before they know their symmetry, without stirrups, you can't brace and it forces you to figure it out. (although you do not want to grip with the knees, but one entry at a time). strengthening your legs and thighs will definitely help along with some set off exercises. yoga is also really good for riding. but, it sounds like your instructor is on the right track. try asking her for some advice too.
Answers:    Don't feel bad, you aren't the lone one who has this problem! I've been riding my entire life (I'm 21); English since I be 12, and I still have difficulty posting without stirrups. Mostly because I'm out of shape because I'm no longer working regularly near a trainer, but you know...:)

Leg strength is what will help you, and that's just going to take time to develop. Regular riding, as much as possible, will develop your leg muscles. You can also work in need stirrups (even though you might feel very awkward bouncing around at first, you'll strengthen muscles as you bounce!) quite a bit. Have your instructor put you on a lunge minus stirrups so you don't have to worry about controlling the horse and a short time ago focus on posting--that'll help build muscles as well.

Some horses are easier to post on as well--especially without stirrups.

Good for you for working at it though! It's something that's strong and annoying and a lot of people don't even bother with it.
Well, you're not technically supposed to grip with your knees... the grip is supposed to come from the thighs.

First thing you should do is really foolproof posting with your feet in the stirrups... whether you can't do that well, NOT having stirrups is ALWAYS going to kill you. If you're doing both within one lesson my advice would be to make your stirrups longer than you normally would own them, because then you're pushing less off your foot and working on using your legs and thighs.

Keep practicing, it'll get better. It's tough... your post without stirrups isn't going to be as dramatic as it is WITH stirrups, but that's the point! Your post with your foot in stirrups is supposed to be small and quiet also.

Have fun =]
I used to hold a lot of trouble with that too. Here's what I do to help...

-lower your stirrups, this channel it's hard for you to depend on your stirrups to raise you out of the saddle, and you naturally use your thighs and hips more

-ride like mad without stirrups to help improve your symmetry and leg strength, and posting without stirrups will get easier

-do a lot of exercises at domestic to improve your leg strength and overall fitness. it will make things much easier and you won't get sore as confidently. do a lot of stretching too.

Good luck. :]
I did a posting trot bareback today and adjectives I can say is OUCH! it was all inner thigh.
it newly takes practice do little by little , it takes alot of time.
Posting without stirrups isn't my favorite entity to do, but its really works your legs and makes you a better rider in the long run. Go to your local gym, and use some of the weight equipment on your legs, it help me, and remember, you don't have to post as high as you would with stirrups, freshly a bit over the saddle. Grip the saddle with your thighs, and keep those heels down! Good luck!
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