Best state for horse property?

Hi, I am looking into buying horse property in a couple years, and was wondering what state would be best/cheapest.

want something no too rural - within 30 minutes of a big city. Not a mountainous region, and not tons of snow within the winter - at least no more than Colorado, where I live now.

Other considerations - I am graduate with a secondary education level, as is my fiance, so a place with jobs for teachers.
i'd say CONNECTICUT for all of your criteria except the cheapest. you hold probably heard that connecticut is expensive, but there are some really amazing places in upstate connecticut that aren't ridiculously priced resembling Fairfield county, CT. also, really almost any place in connecticut is great for horses. you can make a apposite amount from the schools in connecticut as well. as for the city article, new york city is easy to get to by driving or train from ct. also for smaller cities close to stamford and hartford are easy to get to. lastly, ct does get snow, but not crazy amounts similar to other places, just enough to make winter deeds actually winter-y!
texas or maryland. im not kidding about maryland.
You asked the wrong question- everyone here has their strong opinions-haha. But honestly any state has its pros and cons and every state has its "horse country" bit. Go with the state that you and your finance will be most comfortable in as horses can hold a healthy, safe environment anywhere if you engineer it such. Good luck
wisconsin in the kenosha county or any county
It also depends on if you are a western or english rider, or if you just resembling to ride for pleasure. If you are western, New Jersey and possibly even Kentucky might not be the best idea, however if you are english then they would be a much better thought.
Kentucky seems pretty popular but, strangely plenty, NJ is a big horse state from what I here. It sounds crazy to me but, I've heard that it is.
Tennessee, Howdy yallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Take a look at this beautiful photo and you'll know Kentucky's the right place:
but if you want a really good horse property come to Canada lol there's tons of farm territory out in the country :)
florida, in ocala
Ohio,Texas,Kentucky. Most states hold an area with lots of land. Good Luck
Answers:    I'd progress with anywhere in the south but mainly GA. the winters are gentle so you can ride year round and property is really cheap. We've been looking at property outside of Columbus which is the third largest city and can pretty much find whatever we want as far as acreage and price and still be in 15 minutes of the mall and college. Also, GA is desperate for teachers. My parents just started tutoring within the past two years and didnt have any trouble finding job.
Prescott Arizona or Tucson Arizona might be good choices.

New Jersey has more horses per square mile than any other state.
I dnt know just about the cheapest but i know for a fact the best state would b Tennessee! ;0 Hope I Helped! :)

seriously it's teacher country

you can get a nice 5-50 acres
only 20 minutes from overland park or kansas city

hay is cheap lol

but lands wise im thinking texas

everything is cheaper in texas
here in virginia is perfect the hampton roads section i live within the big city but im 15 min from all kinds of horses. there are lots of job for teachers my wife is one. the navy bases here own stables. and lots of places around them have been zoned for horse pasture and boarding teachers here procure paid very well depending on the conservatory youre at what you do etc
Missouri and Kentucky. Where the REAL horse inhabitants are...
Kentucky or Tennessee. Oklahoma is nice too, but they own the most tornado's of all the 50 states so I would really think about what nature of risk that would be.
Tennessee is the best.
Central Oklahoma you can buy a house with 40 acres for $115,000+
For the last 3-4 years I've been looking ahead to my retirement, which is still at most minuscule a dozen years away. But I happened to read an article about Aiken, SC, which is supposed to be exceptionally friendly to senior citizens, based on cost of living.

So I began to do some research and discovered that it's definitely horse country! It's get the rolling hills, rich history, near the border with Georgia so it's not far from Augusta, GA, and still have plenty of other stuff to offer. Golf is not my thing but they seem to proffer a lot of that as well. Housing seemed VERY affordable, particularly since I was comparing to Chicago, where I live currently.

I'm afraid I don't know what the educational systems are close to, or whether the population is more senior than young families but I'll bet there are other towns contained by that region that will have younger family-type residents.

I've since decided for myself that I want to look to the Blue Ridge Mtn area of Georgia but whether I don't find anything, I'll look at SC again.

Good Luck!
washington, olympia
Aiken, SC
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