Best/Favorite riding helmet (for long oval head)?

I need a new helmet and I have a long lead. Most helmets don't list what head shape they fit. What are your favs that should fit well? I newly bought a Troxel Legacy Gold and it is tight in the forehead and back of the boss (fits my sister so keeping it for her use).

I prefer one with a "dial to fit" option for more customization?

(I know it is best to try on in a store, but i.e. not practical with my work schedule. If I direct the wrong size I will just keep it for friends/family and order no worries.)

It would be great whether it was a helmet that was available from Dover Saddlery, but I can order from another place as okay.
I've had a hard time finding a helmet that fits as economically, and found that the Charles Owen is the one that fits the best. I have both a J3 skullcap and the GR8. I love LOVE these helmets. They fit great and even when jostled, never slip forward or back. I don't know of any CO that hold a 'dial to fit' option, but I've never known anyone that didn't get one they didn't approaching. They are expensive, but it's your head, so it's kind of worth it, and should be the one expense you don't skimp on.

If you're not willing to progress to a store to try it on, you can always try measuring your head and going from in that, or talk to other people that have helmets that you like/are surrounded by your size and go from there, but it seems foolish to buy helmets through trial and error and waste the money, when you could just schedule a trip to a store and find the right one on the spot.

In any satchel, good luck, and I hope you find what you're looking for! :)
i have a troxel, i love it you may too =]

heres there website ^^


You said you didnt obligation it for showing but for me, when i showed i just bought a black velvet cover for it it worked out fine!
Answers:    I have a Troxel Grand Prix Classic that's lovely, and it does have the dial to fit which I like seriously. Whether or not it would fit you is hard to say, I have a smallish lead and other people's helmets are usually too big and round to fit me.

Charles Owen helmets are usually lovely and fit great but they are really really expensive so I wouldn't go for one of those unless you go to a store and tried one on to get the best fit.
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