Calf Manna nurture? pro's and cons?

I have been trying to put weight on my 3 year dated arabian mare, she's in full training so its hard when she is being exercised so much. Someone recommended Calf Manna to me. Currently she is feed Sr. and Beat-pulp but I have heard that beat pulp is more of a filler next a weight builder. Just wondering if anyone has anymore info on Calf Manna. Thanks
I love Calf Manna to death. It help maintain healthy hooves which my fairier loves and does help them gain weightiness and have energy. You have to look out with Calf Manna, if you give them too much consequently they'll be sicker than a dog.
For your horse I'd suggest getting corn oil. Put 2 cap fulls into the mares nurture everyday and you'll notice a difference with her. Both in mass but a healthier coat. This is the cheapest way to go also. I use corn grease when my show horses need to gain some weight. Within a week I notice a difference. Since this mare's contained by training you don't want to give her a supplement that will have to be given everyday. Some trainers will have associates feed the horse for you and they won't always remember to give a supplement to your horse everyday. So unsophisticatedly you'd be waiting money on a supplement since most supplements are given everyday. With corn oil its cheaper than supplements and it won't matter if your mare misses a sunshine of it. Also if you give too much corn oil it won't hurt the horse unlike giving a horse too much of a supplement. Hoped this help
A lot of relatives like Calf Manna, its sort of a VERY concentrated feed that can be added to regular feed to increase its nutritional appeal. I have not fed Calf Manna since the 70s, until recently, I didn't even know they be still in business, until I read others still using it. Beat pulp is considered a weight gain tricks bullet, I personally like stabilized Rice Bran, it is very dignified fat, and advertises itself as "cool calories," as in it is smaller number likely to make a horse hot. If my memory serves me right, Calf Manna can send a horse's enegry stratum though the room. Extra starch is not usually good for a horse. Is she in full training near someone other than yourself? What does your trainer say?
Lots of oats and starch and sweet feed, with correct hay and plenty of grass and lots of water. I dont know bout that specific feed but thats wut i used to get a TB 17 hhs that solely weighed 200 lbs to gain over 400 lbs in 2 months.
Sr. and beet pulp is not suitable for a 3 year old! This is feed with seriously of roughage, and that's not the best for weight gain or exercise.

Feed a good commercial blend, sweet or pelleted, and supplement with free choice hay.

Calf Manna is too concentrated for childlike horses; it can cause permanent joint problems. It's for CALVES (hence the name). Horses should not be feed cow feed, and especially not cow feed designed for fast meat growth. At 3 your horse is still growing and can get epiphysitis (inflammation of the joint plates, leading to binding deformities).

Senior feed is usually a lower protein "complete" feed, objective the hay is in it too. You have to feed a great deal more of it to get the same weight gain. It's designed to be straightforward to chew, easy to digest, and to take the place of roughage in hoary horses that can't chew hay. A young horse needs a more concentrated ration.

So... somewhere in the middle. Not cow food, and not infirm age horse feed either. A standard horse feed for a standard necessitate.

BTW... unless your horse is worked 2 or more hours a day every day, they're not considered to be in work. If your 3 year infirm is being worked that much, it's TOO much. Her bones are still growing and her joints are still open.

Edit: If Calf Manna be good for horses, they'd repackage it and sell it as Foal Manna - much more lucrative market. My vet get quite profane on the subject. ;)
Answers:    Calf manna is for calves that hold just been weaned. It's designed to get the calves started on drinking grain, it's just a pellet that's packed w/ proteins and animation. The protein is good for growth. Calf manna is not a "quick meat growth" as stated above. You should mix it with a angelic horse feed..I would say 50/50 (and please don't feed your 3 yr. matured sr. feed anymore). I think mostly it will keep your horse interested within eating, but it's worth a shot!

*it's also good for hair coats:)

Good luck!!
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