Can a ford Explorer verbs a horse trailer?

I have '91 Ford Explorer, can it comfortably tow a two horse bummer pull trailer?
Be sure the transmission and motor are serviced correctly... it should be alright!

We've pulled a two horse bumper verbs trailer behind our Explorer and it was OK. Had to be careful pulling hill, and going down hill, but we got there not detrimental and sound... We have Missouri Fox Trotting Horses and could haul two fully fledged horses without too much trouble... it's better to have larger vehicle pull trailer as we've since upgraded to an Expedition!
The age of the vehicle is not the question if it have been properly serviced and maintained over the years. What you need to look at is the towing dimensions of your vehicle which should be in the owner's manual. Take into account that lots times the quoted towing capacity is with a weight distribution hitch, so you may want to get a weight distribution hitch installed. Then, you need to compare that near the LOADED weight of your trailer. You should be able to get the uninhabited weight of your trailer off of the nameplate of from the owner's manual. Then include the weight of your horses and all your tack and supplies. That total is what you need to compare near the towing capacity.

Finally, you also need to look at the wheel stand length of your towing vehicle. It needs to be 114 inches MINIMUM to maintain vehicle stability while towing a trailer. I don't know what the wheel end is on an Explorer, but qualitatively, I'm not sure if it's long enough.

If your tow vehicle meet all of those requirements, then you should be good to walk, but you will need to install trailer brakes, heavy duty fuses, wiring harness, and a supplemental transmission cooler is a good idea.
check the tow counterweight on the truck before you do it but it should be fine.

I have to agree with Stacie. Sure, your vehicle can pull one. But can it stop? Does it hold enough power to prevent the trailer from fish-tailing? Can you go 13% down hill, and still be capable of stop safely? Does your vehicle have towing mirrors, so you know when to change lane?

I would honestly, never tow a horse trailer on anything smaller than a F-250 (or the equivalent with another truck brand). I know it's "over kill" but I'd much rather be safe, later ever be sorry.
I own an AWD V8 ford explorer and it can pull a 2 horse just fine..The bigger question is do you hold trailer brakes?? It makes all the difference in the world and is a necessity. You should pay envelope the money to have them installed and a control panel set up in your truck. Those brakes will save your butt If you ever enjoy to stop fast...relying on your truck to stop a trailer with 2 horses in it is nuts and you can pop or snap your hitch whether you really had to stop hard..I would never haul anywhere lacking them.
Oh Dear... The sound out you ask is- can it pull one? Yes. Now, the REAL question should be- CAN IT STOP ONE?

Those vehicles are NOT built for the weighty duty use such as pulling horses around. When I'm on the road and see a half ton truck pulling a trailer, I move as FAR AWAY as I possibly can.

The first thing you should mull over about is tongue weight. A 2 horse steel trailer probably weighs around 3000 pounds free. Add in mats, tack, and two horses. You are now pushing 5000 pounds. Look at the truck you are using. Can it support 10% of the full freight? Next, you are pulling 5000 pounds, with a vehicle that probably weighs less than that. Now what whether you needed to stop quickly? Your trailer has now become a counterbalance that is pushing your truck. (I've experienced this with a 2 horse BP pulled by a Tahoe with a 6500 tow size. I thought I was going to die, ending up in the middle of the intersection near dead horses.)

Now get on the freeway. You are going 55mph, and your trailer begins to sway backbone and forth. The trailer is heavier than your truck, so it now is pulling the truck side to side. Next thing you know, a semi-truck drives by. The wind force is satisfactory to push your little truck some more. How much more before you find yourself in a 15 care pileup?

And I didn't even touch on whether or not you live where on earth there are hills, ice, ect.

Please. Is it that defining to risk your own life, and the lives of other people and your horses? Get a bigger truck.

I pull a 3 horse gooseneck aluminum trailer near a 3/4 ton Dodge Diesel quad cab. When I put my horses in the trailer, I want them SAFE. When I'm pulling, I want my kids in the truck SAFE.
Answers:    There shouldn't be a problem if the vehicle have been service regularly.
umm yeah it should verbs it okay it will be kind hard on the engine but it will pull it is it get a 155 horsepowe v6 it might do it but i wouldnt put all my trust into a 155hp v6 pulling a horse trailer im v8 could do it deff but idk if a 155hp v6 would u also need to factor contained by if ur breaks are good will it stop it? and once u stop it will it be able to verbs it agian when im towing trailers i either use my 2002 explorer v8 or my f150 i have a 88 bronco but its more for having fun its get a v8 and ik it can do it but shes old so i just leave her be also im proabably one of the few relatives to own one of these but i have a 2005 ford f650 i use that form almost all of my hauling whether not that its the f150 if i aint using the f150 its the explorer all these trucks are good for hauling things ur 1991 should grasp the job done so well it should be able to stop it a short time ago fine as well if u have be taking good care of it
Yes it will be fine. As long as its a good runer you wont have any problems! i would tow anything bigger than a two horse. Have fun!
i reckon it can
There is a report of no problem from someone who has one of each.
My brother in tenet has a ford explorer and pulls a two horse bumper pull with it to adjectives of his ropings. It seems to do fine.
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