Can a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Cherokee verbs a 2 horse trailer?

I am 16 and am buying a horse a trailer and my 1st vehichle. I need to be able to tow my own horse trailer and I need to know which vehicle would be the best surrounded by MPG also. Please comment I need all the help I can seize!!
Thank You
The person who answered first is quite right and surrounded by addition you need to look at the type of hitch the trailer has. If it is a goose collar trailer then you definitely need a long bed truck. If it is a simple orb hitch then you can use a short bed truck or other towing vehicle. I'm not quite sure how much a jeep cherokee can tow but I don't think it can haul two horses in a trailer, perchance one but probably not two.
I doubt it. I don't know the towing specs of a Grand Cherokee, but you would need to get them and compare them to the immensity of the FULLY LOADED trailer that you intend to pull. Also, many manufacturers publish tow specifications base upon having a weight distribution hitch installed wihout actually aphorism that you need a weight distribution hitch. The other thing you involve to look at is weelbase length. You need at least 114 inches to ensure the tow vehicle's stability.

If you really want to tow safely, I propose that you look at (at least) half ton trucks.

Dear GAWD NO! Do not use a cherokee to pull a 2 horse trailer unless you hold a death wish for your horses!!

The stopping power is insignificant.. you need a bulky vehicle in order to control the trailer in an emergency. I dont' assistance of you only tow a 700lb pony in an all fiberglass Merhow. It's simply not protected.

And I'm not the only one:
Congratulations! Most of the experts would say no, that you need at least a 3/4 ton vehicle to do this. You have need of to do some research: find out what the weight of the trailer loaded is, and find out what is the recommended weight for the vehicle to pull, and don't exceed that. I verbs an all-aluminum featherlite 2 horse trailer with a dressing room with my Ford Expedition. It does a good brief with one horse, not so good with 2 horses within it. More than pulling, the problem is stopping. Be sure and get brakes on the trailer.
a jeep isn't the safest entity to pull a two horse trailer. the problem is the wheel base for a jeep is too short. i would dance for a stronger vehicle like a SUV or a truck. unless, you are getting one of those brenderup trailers. those types of trailers are the only ones made to be pulled by smaller cars (meaning a jeep).
You will want to look at the weight of the trailer loaded with horses and make certain that your towing vehicle is certified to pull that much weight. Many two horse trailers weight at least possible 2200 pounds, plus two horses, hay, water, tack, etc. can bring you to about 5000 pounds. There are different classes of tow hitches on different vehicles and for 5000 pounds you will obligation a class IV. Figure out what weight you will be pulling and then start asking dealer what vehicles they offer that could safely tow that counterweight.

One thing to consider is that towing a live load is difference than towing a 'dead' load because across the world you stack the heaviest parts of a load on the bottom and the lighter items on top. Horses are built the opposite, plus they move around! So, stability and safety is a must!

I drive a Ford F150 4x4 beside a tow package (distribution bar, more efficient cooling) and it is rate to pull anything under 11000 pounds.
I've seen it done, but the Jeep is really too frothy and has too short of a wheel base. I meditate the minimum wheelbase recommended is 114 inches. I wouldn't risk it.

At one time I thought I'd try for one vehicle that I could commute in but also pull a 2-horse bumper pull trailer next to (with usually only 1 horse in it). I be seriously considering a Dodge Dakota for the best mix of MPG and towing suitability (this was in the mid 1990s). Instead, I ended up getting a small vehicle for commuting and a full size truck for the trailer. I'm glad I did.
I believe we can do anything we want to do. My dream is to one day pull a horse trailer beside 5 belgian draft horses, and the trailer would be pulled by none other than my flying rocket bicycle! Or a smartcar, or a ferrari, or um a. a team of ten belgian draft horses, pulling a trailer with five belgian draft horses inside... But the trailer would be big. Not cramped. Air conditioned, next to an all-you-can eat horse buffet! With my flying rocket bicycle, i would ride to the store, then my myself a fifteen horse trailer. All my belgians would go inside, and live contained by air -conditioned comfort. I would then bring my fifteen belgians to the moon, towed by my flying rocket bike, and we would home, and then we would watch the cow jump over the moon, followed by the spoon...
One of my classmates in college pulled her 2 horse trailer with an older Jeep Grand Cherokee and never have a problem. Generally if you have a V-8 you're better off. A 2 horse trailer will weigh around a ton and a partially.

I can pull a 2 horse trailer fully loaded with my little Dodge Dakota and it only have a V-6, but a truck with a V-8 is better. The only reason you'd involve anything bigger is if you'll be doing a lot of heavy or long hauling, later you'd need a diesel and a heavier truck.
I also have a jeep imperial cherokee and a two horse trailer and it is definitely not wise to pull astern it. The best is a truck, or a larger SUV like a Tahoe or Yukon. My jeep Grand cherokee is a V8 as well and it still shouldn't pull a horse trailer unsafe, so I never verbs my trailer I use a truck.
Answers:    NO! It is a min 114 wheel base! Minimum! It does not weight satisfactory to safely handle the horse trailer with horses within it!! I would NEVER put my horses in anything less than a 2500! I have see Grand Cherokee flipped over the side of a large hill/mountain towing a 2 horse trailer. I have seen Ford ranger jack knife so bad it flipped over. I have seen a Chevy 1500 run sour the highway because it did not weight enough to stop the horse trailer while it was full! That is NOT a ample enough vehicle to control it safely! I have a Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel, I average 28 miles per gallon on the freeway 22, streets. You enjoy to have electric breaks!!
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