Can I buy sunblock for horses?

Can I buy sunblock specifically for a horse or do I use zinc or .what do I use?
u can buy sunscreen or use ur own =] also cover the horse up use an unlit flymask for summer with a nose cover a summer combo and in winter use a d¨Ścolletage rug =]
You can, but it's more expensive than human sunblock and I don't think it's any different. Everyone I know just uses human sunscreen on their horses. They use big bottles. But that's just for horses that sunburn confidently, like horses with white on their noses. I don't have an idea that it's going to work if you try to sunscreen an entire horse, since no sunscreens last longer than an hour or so anyways. You could try using a sun sheet/blanket, that's what the Paint owners I know do. In grey horses, it doesn't seem close to the amount of sun has anything to do with how likely they are to develop melanoma. It's not duplicate as in people.
Answers:    I normally just use regular sunblock or sunscreen made for people which have a high SPF rating- it's perfectly safe as long as you hold it away from the horse's eyes, and out of their ears. As for the melanoma question- you are right, gray and white horses ARE at increased risk of this disease, especially if they hold benign tumors around or near their rectal or anal area, or on their flanks. Applying sunscreen to these areas may or may not help; the jury is still deeply much out on that one, I'm afraid.

There are a number of shampoos, coat conditioners, fly sprays and the like which contain sunscreen in diverse concentrations- and that's generally how most people I know usually acquire sunscreen products for their horses. Zinc oxide creams are good to use after a sunburn, as they help prevent further damage- but they are not generally used as sunscreen by themselves. I hope that help.
Both of my mares have white faces, and it is such a discomfort dealing with sun burn and peeling faces contained by the summer.
I just go to walmart and buy regular baby sunscreen. It's undamaging to use, and works great. It does wash off though, so if you rinse your horse net sure you re-apply it.
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We use regular sunscreen on our boy's face. Of course, you own to be very careful around the eyes.

I did see a fly mask that have a removable, extended, UV protective piece that comes down over the nose. It really wasn't that much more expensive than a regular fly mask.
resourcefully yes there is alot some conditioner has it is it some shampoo... when u go shoping read the lable and ask the front desk human being
i just use people sunscreen
but maybe surrounded by ur local horse store theyll have some.

i understand
i have 2 concord with a white horse, yellow fur, sunscreen..
Are you talking more or less to put on their nose? You can use a high SPF human sunblock, but it doesn't last adjectives day. I use Desitin. It is a diaper cream so it's think, and it has closely of Zinc Oxide in it. The thickness of it makes it later longer than sunscreen, but a lot of horses hate the smell of it. If you can get it on your horse though, its the best. Btw, any diaper cream near Zinc Oxide in it will work, but Desitin has the most.
Hope I helped!

Edit: It is messy though so I use a disposable rubber glove when applying it. Works similar to a charm, and unlike regular sunscreen, its water proof. It also protects against dew poisoning. Dew poisoning causes scabs to form on the nose and the muzzle to become a little red. It can often be mistaken for sunburn, but Desitin protects form both. You can buy Desitin at pretty much any grocery store, in the child section.
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I also buy regular people sunscreen. I look for something that is elevated SPF and waterproof, since you know those noses will be getting dunked in dampen troughs. If you're concerned about sensitive skin, you can buy baby sunblock.
I just use regular sunscreen but if u wanna buy just for your horse step ahead!
You can, just buy it within your local shop/supermarket and rub it on his/her nose thats what i do with my shetland.
try a tack shop they usually sell that kind of stuff.
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