Cosequin Or Adequan? ?

My 11 Y/O T-Bred hunter gelding is currently on Cosequin ASU. When I ask people which joint supplement they prefer, I get mixed reviews. What do you come up with? Pros and cons on both? Do you use one of these or something different? Thanks!
Answers:    I use Adequan because my mare won't eat Cosequin. Most of the horses in my barn get both. I feel it's more of a personal preference. The Cosequin is more expensive, but good as gold and constantly forceful. The Adequan is very effective in the first few days after treatment (more-so than Cosequin), later not as effective for the remainder of the 30 day cycle. So ideally, it's Cosequin day by day and Adeqaun monthly (as close to show days as possible).
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