Cowboy boot sizing...?

I'm about to buy a pair of Justin cowboy boots online..what would be my size if i wear a 10 1/2 shoe..but i measured my foot, and from treat to toe, it's 10 1/4 in.?
just a round about would work..i dont entail to know the exact size, because i know every boot, and every foot is different.
But do Justin boots run about the same size as the wearers foot?
same same
Well it depends on what style you got. I have a lot of cowboy boots not adjectives of them are the same size. But i think next time you do buy boots walk to a local store. It will be a lot easier than over the internet.
Answers:    In the Justin's that i've tried on they have adjectives been about a half size bigger. I buy a partially size smaller than my others
I'm not sure about the brand, but remember whether they're leather (which most boots are) they'll stretch!
They've always run true to size when I have bought them, but you never know. If you buy boots at Cavenders(.com) and enjoy to return them, they will pay return shipping first time around.
I sell Justin boots - and they're a tough brand to tackle in lingo of foot size.

For example, I wear a size 7 women's boot/shoe. I have 4 pairs of Justins - they range from 6.5 to 8.

Justin makes a range of different types of boots. I've found the roper toe (U toe) and crepe sole roper boots you usually need a bit smaller size. The more traditional pointy-toed Justin often you inevitability a slightly larger size than a normal pair or casual shoes. The square toes are most repeatedly the most true-to-size, but also depends on how the boot is made.

Likewise in the men's boots - there's a George Straight Roper boot that's been true to size and many love it but don't approaching the price. The same style boot in a Mistral Goat iwth the same sole, same build and same toe and heel are a totally different size. I had a guy surrounded by a size 11 fit the George Straight just a little smaller than his everyday shoe - but in the Mistral Goat, he needed a much larger one - fragment of the problem was the space for the arch. The higher arch allowance in the George Straits fit better than the lower arch within the Mistrals.

Justin has the women's Gypsy boot also which is the competitor to Ariat Fatbaby's - these Gypsy's are probably the most true to everyday shoe size I've seen in the Justin stripe.

So - if you haven't a Justin dealer in your local flea market, I'd use the information I've given you above to made an educated guess - and expect to send back to exchange for a different size. that agency you're not surprised or unhappy if you have to exhange them. If you do own a Justin dealer, and many Tractor supply stores have Justin boots very soon, go try one on as close to what you're viewing online before buying.

Rounder toes are often more open-handed in width. If you have a lofty arch, saddle vamps make an arch tighter typically.

Good luck! I have sold boots for years and the only one I'd ever directive without trying on are Ariat - because my feet are made perfectly for the Ariat model and they are consistent plenty I KNOW a 7 will fit in that brand. Unless I've tried on the exact style and color in the store that's on sale for a better price surrounded by a catalog or on line, I won't bother ordering it.
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