Does anyone know of saline base products for rainfall rot?

the best thing i use for rain rot is a bucket of sea, soap, and bleach.take a hard brush that you groom with and scrub them down!(the bleach also help the horse shine and gets those white spots extra white!=])
Saline is saline water solution. Normal saline is balanced to match the body fluids, and is a 0.9% solution of brackish (sodium chloride) in water. The saline itself is isn't a base for other products. It is a untaught cleanser and a highly effective anti-infective agent,offering far better inhibition of infection than harsh chemicals approaching iodine, which may damage tissue. When iodine solutions are strong enough to provide indistinguishable anti-infective action as saline, they damage healthy tissue and time limit healing. This is why saline is now recommended over
the chemicals we used to use to treat wounds and infections. Simply flushing or soaking with saline, and removing jetsam from the area, then allowing it to thoroughly dry, is effective to treat precipitation rot. In severe cases antibiotics may be needed, since the infective organism is not a fungus, but has both bacterial and fungal properties. For early cases of rain rot, saline soaking of sores, and removal of scabs, and keeping the areas dry, is the best treatment, beside the least harm to healthy tissue. Saline is also the best wound treatment, so it should be a staple contained by your first aid supplies.
It is fine to also apply antibacterial/antifungal ointment to the sores, as long as they are completely cleansed and dried first.
Answers:    As far as I understand rain rot is the name for a type of fungus. Many times a nourishing horse can clear up a fungus on its own if the conditions that caused it change (for example, they aren't drizzling constantly) On the other hand, sometimes the fungus will continue to grow and spread and become harder to eradicate, so it often does not pay packet to wait and see if the rain rot improve on it's own, or not.
But I do not think a saline solution will clear up a fungus. Normally you need somethinig that is an anti-fungal. Betadine or hibitane are both examples of products that can be applied to a fungus, worked surrounded by well so its down to the skin (perhaps use an old toothbrush to get the betadine right down) allow it to sit for five minutes, and later wash it totally off. This may need to be repeated several times to be impressive. If the rain rot does not clear up with this, then you may stipulation a product from the vet that has a stronger type of agent, and may even include a cortisone to relieve inflamation.
I don't think saline will do these things. Saline will cleanse skin, so if the fugus is mortal caused by dirt and debris, it may help slightly. But it is not an anti-fungal.
Salt and water mixed so it will float an egg.
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