French calf vs. buffalo vs. cowhide?

I am looking for saddles, and which is the best leather:
1. french calf
2. buffalo
3. cowhide
I am a 3 day eventer, so I am looking for stickiness and low wear.

p.s. I am looking at Ashland saddles, whether you ride in one could you please comment?

thanks so much guys (and girls)
Don't get synthetic!! they are unpardonable! I would go with either the buffalo or french calf. They tend to be on difficult line saddles, so they are better quality.
My jumping saddle had buffalo billets. They lasted for 20 years of regular use beside proper care. Billets take the most punishment of any part of the saddle and these last forever. You might want to reconsider the buffalo.
Answers:    French Calf is supple, soft and easily molds to one's body. Water Buffalo is a heartier, tougher leather to be precise durable and long lasting.
Cowhide is more supple than Water Buffalo but not as delicate as French Calf.

Here's a site that will show you the variations within leathers and tanning processes.

BTW I have one of their old All Purpose Siegfried's and it will be 40 yrs old subsequent year.

If your looking for durability be in motion with the buffalo or cowhide. Calf hide is going to be more supple, but not as durable.
Try synthetic! I LOVE them! They concluding longer and wear better than leather!
Definitely buffalo leather!
Whatever you end up with, you should at lowest possible try buffalo stirrup leathers. They do not stretch, which is great for high impact sports like jumping and polo.
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