Good ways to craft a horses coat shiny and fatten one up?

I don't just want a show shampoo or something like that but something that u feed or that's semi-permenate also does anyone know some appropriate pellets that are a fattener but not a hyper so okay for hot horses. Thanx
Hi we've shown horses for years and the very best entry we've ever found is cotton seed cake. They shed early and their coat is like satin and shines so bright it hurts your eyes lol. You nurture a 1/2 cup per 1,000 pounds 1x a day which we just put a 'handful' on top of their regular crumb ration - which was 4 parts rolled oats and 1 part cracked corn.

It does take in the region of 2 months to really kick in good but it is so worth it. We enjoy people come up all the time and say OMG I've never see a coat like this - how did you polish him up like that. lol

I like to add a little corn grease to the feed ration to add calories and put a shine on the coat. I usually purely top dress an ounce over grain, but if you need to do more you can. i hold also had good luck with stabilized rice bran. It have a very high fat content, but the chubby doesn't add "hot" energy. I have never have luck with the weight builder pellets that are advertise. Oil or rice bran are generally cheaper and work better.
Corn oil have done wonders for putting a shine in my mares coat. Just a splash over the grain once or twice a day. This can also oblige with weight gain.
I really resembling Progressive's Envision. It's a high protien, high fat, low starch supplement. The starch is what make them hot, since their bodies turn starch into sugar. One of mine is getting this (halter mare) and she's so shiny, your eyes hurt!

Another way is 1 cup of vegetable oil on their feed every afternoon. They get so shiny, and water just bead up on them and rolls off. Vegetable oil is also fat, so it will make the addition of some weight as well. You can get it surrounded by gallons at the grocery store for about $7/gallon.

The quickest way to add counterbalance is free choice hay. Coastal, Timothy, Jiggs, ect. You can feed AlfAlfa for extra weight as very well, but not free choice.

While your horse is getting heavier, make sure you aren't overworking him. Free choice hay will help them maintain weight on while on a daily workout, so they don't burn all the calories they are intake. If your horse's coat is dull, make sure he's be wormed, too.

Hope this helps!

The best way to fatt
corn grease works super good.
u just pour some into ur feed an tada!
ur horse will gain immensity fast and his coat wiilll probably get shinier.
Always fed mine black sunflower seed and it works to make the coat shine. Just make sure you bring back the CORRECT kind. Do some research before buying if you choose this method. I don't know more or less fattening them up, but the seeds are super cheap and work unlike a lot of shine gimmicks out here. Other people I know use corn oil and flax seeds as powerfully and they work too. Make sure you get the right kind of flax seed too if you choose that, because I heard bad things going on for people feeding the wrong type.
I give mine lately plain old SHURGAIN feed and hay during the winter. I brush them a couple of times a week and they're fantastic. Grain is perfect during the winter months as they burn it off too keep warm and don't walk all "hyper" on you. I'll provide a link of my mare during the winter she is not hurting at all near the cold winters we get in atlantic Canada.
about 8 years ago i get two emaciated retired racing thoroughbreds. They were contained by absolute horrible shape! I found this feed call "One-n-only" it works wonders!! It be good because as thoroughbreds they have really high sparkle so this didn't jack it up any more, and it put weight on them in a heartbeat. Their coat and hooves were spinal column in tip-top with in a couple of months, whether that...

I swear by this stuff!!
Answers:    I have tried and herd a great deal of things but It depend on what you want to do and how you want to fatten them up, start them off with beet pulp it will put it on fast. 1/4 cup of vegetable grease a day with the pellets it will generate the hair GREAT and give 1/4 cup of vegetable oil and flex plus and the pellet and during the winter we give a handful of sweet feed to keep them reheat. Like I said it keeps their hair very SHINY. We nurture our horses 2 times a day. In the morning we feed 5-7 pounds, but it all depends on how much your horse weigh. At night we it all depends on your horse and how much exercise he gets, but whether you would like more info e-mail me with a little bit more info on what your trying to do. madisonloveshorses(a)

Hope I help and GOOD LUCK!!
Give your horse cod liver oil everyday for a shiny coat!
To fatten him use a conditioning feed or cubes as well as flier lib hay. Remember to change your horses diet gradually tho.
One cup of corn oil a day works really well give horses a nice coat, adds some weight and helps prevent ulcer.
To fatten a horse up beet pulp is wonderful and for a glass close to shine a 1/4 cup of oil in there nurture does wonders.
Add corn oil to the horse's feed for a shiny coat. I believe that rice bran and flax seed will also do like peas in a pod think. Or you can just brush him lots! That will bring out the shine. For weight gain, soaked beet pulp is the best. It does not craft horses hot.
You have your "fatten one up" advice. No one mentioned there is no substitute for Thorough Daily Grooming.
I felt pretty lazy, and didn't read any of the comments
Soaked beet pulp is a really appropriate way to fatten up a horse, and it doesn't make them hot, and adding some grease to thier feed is a great way to bring out the shine in a coat. Also, brushing lots can comfort too.
But whatever you do. PLEASE DON'T USE Show Sheen, or any other hair care stuff. It clogs pores and doesn't allow your horse to sweat, and may inflict death. You can use it in manes and tails for that amazing show horse sheen, or as a detangler.
Good Nutrition...
My counterbalance...will it  interfere beside  horseback riding?   What is the best breed for pleasure/trail riding, and why?   How long to hang about in the past training to kick?   What can i do to assistance him restore surrounded by NH groundwork.?