Hoof Wall Seperation Lameness?

My gelding has a hoof-wall seperation lameness. Iam thankful its nothing overly serious and its fixable! The vet prescribed a betadine and alcohol solution for soaks along next to daily scrubbing of the foot with thaw out water and a scrub brush. He didnt however prescribe that the horse needed shoes. He says to leave the foot naked, feed a zinc (and something else) supplement, let them grow out and come spring start thinking about shoes.

Has anyone else have to deal with a hoof-wall seperation lameness? How long did your horse stay unsound for? After a week of rest with the solution soaks, be your horse feeling better?

Thanks so much =)
He ordered the horse rested becasue the wall can not sustain the pressure of concusiion from being ridden. precisely what you said about a bending knee. depending on how far up the wall seperation goes would indicate the rank of lameness. i do find it a little odd that he did not put shoes on, for support. however...by putting shoes on you also close off the nouns that needs to be aired and cleaned. also the wall is seperated so they may not be enough good wall to fastener into. which is why you have to wait for 3 or 4 months before putting shoes on. so its a pick up 22. i would follow the blacksmiths advice...keep this horzse out of the muck and water.
Is this white line disease? Do you know how extensive the separation is? We had a horse with white rank this year, and our treatment was much more aggressive. We had xrays done to show the farrier how far it went, after the farrier ressected (cut away) all of the hoof wall from the affected area. It be a big area - 4 inches across, 2 inches high. The key to curing white smudge if keeping it dry & exposed to air. We then put on a fishing rod shoe & pour-in pad to prevent rotation. Yes, we soaked it for a week or so initially. He was on 4 months of stall rest/handwalking, and he was on a biotin supplement to variety his foot grow faster.
Generally by the time a horse looks lame from white line, its pretty advanced. Its not going to be healed until the separated part grows out, and its probably not going to be better surrounded by a week or 2 - I'd be thinking in terms of months.
Answers:    I agree that leaving the horse barefoot is best on all level. this allows for the healing of the tissues to occur in such a bearing as to allow for the expansion of the wall that shoes would limit. The healed tissue will be more resilient than it would be if the horse be shod. The last thing the hoof needs is nail through the wall anyway. You say the vet is the one who prescribed the soaks and scrubbing, and I'm curious as to whether the farrier agrees next to that, or was involved in that decision? Is the treatment more prophylactic than for an existing infection? That would be my guess, since it will dry and disinfect and is not an aggressive treatment as one might be using whether an infection were to already be active. It sounds like this is a vastly minor white line separation without signs of any active infection, within which case just keeping infections at bay and allowing regular exercise to provide the needed blood circulation to foster healing makes spotless sense. I would consult with the farrier again for advice on how much exercise is best as healing progresses. I don't estimate you can predict how long it will take based on anyone else's experience since there are too tons variables.
Also, the supplement only assists in growth of new wall tissue, which occur from the coronary band downward, so it has no effect on the existing wall tissues. Zinc does, however, also promote tissue repair (healing), and if your horse be zinc deficient, then supplementing it will also help to optimize the therapeutic of the wall separation.
Generally, hoof wall separation does not produce lameness unless nearby are predisposing problems like episodes of laminitis. You need to know why the walls have separated. It could be moisture, poor trimming, walls too long. Sounds resembling you have some infection. Has he had a recent trim to help relieve the separation? Take comfort with the water and scrub brush so that you don't injure the delicate tissue. I would not use this soak but you own to trust your vet. The horse does not need shoes. His feet would not hold shoes anyway so that sounds apposite. Good nutrition and being able to move around is the best thing for helping him grow surrounded by new hoof material but that will take 8-12 months. Wall separation problems enjoy not really been a factor for my horses except maybe a bit when the weather was really wet for a while, but there be no lameness and consistent trims prevented the condition from becoming problematic. good luck to you. Hope your horse gets better soon.
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