Horse Christmas Costumes?

So I'm going to a show where you are allowed to dress up yourself and your horse in a holiday themed costume... Since I'm going to be actually showing my horse desires to be able to canter, jump, etc, in it... anybody own any ideas? Thanks!
Answers:    What about hooking some bells on your tack and tying some around his neck. They will jingle the together time. then dress yourself up as an elf or santa's helper. What in the order of attaching pine tree branches to your equipment and you can dress with a star hat. You can toss candy cane out to the judges or spectators.
Just remember to practice in your costume so it doesn't scare your horse when the time comes.

Have fun!
you should put a red blanket- tack and polo rap on your horse along with bells, antlers and a red nose (if you can find them) and then you should dress up approaching santa- or a girl santa.
or you could put a green blanket-tack- polo raps and bells on your horse and dress up as an elf.
or if your horse wont freak get hold of green tack and batery-ized light bulbs and dress him up as a tree and you could be a elf or santa-person (if you do this make certain you put the lights in a workable positions so he can run and stuff)
i dont know be creative---------------i hope i helped!
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