Horse ground demeanour tips?

Hi..I have a five year old horse that has desperate ground manners. When ever I try to tie him up he always dances around and tries to eat grass. Once I finally carry him tied up with his head high satisfactory so he doesn't eat, he starts pawing at the ground. When I go to put his saddle wad on, he turns his butt in my direction as to push me up between the hitching post and himself. He does the same thing when I put his saddle on. He have gotten a lot better at putting his bridle on, and I have learned some tricks as to how to win the bit in his mouth. He also never stands still when I try to get on him, I always enjoy to hurry up and get on him before he moves. My sister told me to hold the reins posterior while I get on, but seeing as how he's super tall, it gets really tough! Once I get on him, he wants to eat adjectives the time and sometimes it gets really hard to stop him because he is way stronger than me and he know that! I'm firm with him but it doesn't seem to help adjectives that much. He also has a thing for picking on other horses. Usually it's just me and my sister that run riding in our woods, so he's just fine then, but when we dance on trail rides he hates the other horses. I always have to maintain my distance because I'm scared he is going to kick somebody else's horse and I don't want that to happen. He also picks on one of our elder horses in our pasture, and I always get after him but it still doesn't seem to be to help any. The bad part approximately all of this is that I am only fourteen, a month away from fifteen, and he know that he's stronger than me...Any tips?!
My advice to you is you need to get some professional programme. Unfortunately your horse knows he is the boss and the bottom line is it is a disaster waiting to surface.
You need help with every aspect of handling and riding your boy.
Unless you achieve savvy, Increase your skills and get him to toe the line. HE WILL NOT GROW OUT OF IT. he will get worse
Your horse requests a strong consistent leader!
With him mucking around on the ground. Tie him up with the saddle on so he cant eat. Leave him in that until he does stand still.
Watch him closely in the paddock with other horses. As tough as he is on them is as tough as you must be on him.
Im sure whether you work hard with an instructor you will over come these issues and go on to hold a successful partnership. But unfortunately if you allow him to continue thinking he is the boss consequently things will get worse.
Learn how to channel his energy into working near you!
My horse used to be like that when I first got him. I took him to a trainer for a month and she taught him and me some technique that work pretty good.

I'm 14 too!! What I do is get FIRM with my horse when he tries to push me around and I show him that I'm not going to put up near any of his crap! When your horse pushes you or doesn't stand still, tell him "WHOA!" in a firm voice. If he doesn't stop, back him up while jerk on his lead rope. Then try it again. Just keep repeating that until he stands nicely. Always backbone him up when he misbehaves. Try keeping a crop with you while you're doing these exercises just incase he tries to bite you or doesn't back up when you make clear to him to. If he doesn't back up, give him a good smack on the shoulder while you're jerk on his lead rope.

Sometimes when I go out to feed my horse, he pins his ears backbone and turns his butt towards me because he wants me to get out of the way! So I really bring back after him about that. I get out his lunge whip and label him work until he gives me some respect. Then I tell him "Whoa" to make him dally patiently before he can get his grain.

If he still tries to push me out of the style, I give him a good smack on the butt or shoulder with the lash and tell him to "knock it off!". He usually learn after the first time.

Here's something else that I did every day and it works wonders! Just tie your horse up in his stall and leave him at hand for about 2 hours every day. He'll probably paw at the ground and pull on the rope but he'll grant up after awhile. Just keep doing that until he can stand quietly for the whole 2 hours (or more).

I'm not suggesting that you tap your horse or anything. Just be firm! Remember to praise him when he does what you ask him to do.

I hope to hear how everything goes!

Good luck!

Answers:    He thinks he's in a herd next to you, and that he's the boss. So you need to challenge his authority, and you need to win.

Start carrying a crop beside you. If he nips, kicks, or tries to push you into something, smack him, and don't be gentle. The point is that you don't want to own to do this all the time, so make the lesson stick early on. As for the paw, it's often a play for attention. Smack him on the shoulder but don't stop what you're doing, or you risk encouraging him. If he tries to eat when you lead him, instead of trying to verbs his head up, stick your foot under his mouth and gently boot him contained by the mouth. That will make him pick his head up and then you can regain control. As for tying...tie him up next to the line short enough so that he can reach for grass but he distinctly won't be able to get it, and let him work it out on his own. Eventually he'll swot up that no matter how much of a fuss he makes it's not getting any closer.

When he turns his butt towards you, don't hit him. You don't want him kicking out at you. Instead, get round his principal and then push him over roughly. If he leans against you when you push on him, smack him on the tummy with the crop. The belief is to remind him that he can't push you around so you NEED to be firm and not take no for an answer.

As for the mounting thing...I liked what someone else said, turn him surrounded by small circles around the mounting block. He'll figure it out pretty soon, would be my guess.

As for picking on other horses: you can teach him that you're the leader of the troop, but he's still going to pick on his pasturemates. One day maybe one of his herdmates will lay a solid kick on him but until afterwards there's not that much you can do.
i agree wiv dani above buh ive never expericenced this. except frm the eatin grass while out ridin thing.

im from england sooo.i dont no whether u heard of them or if there call sumit different..daisy reins?
nehowz they keep ur horses head up so that their nose cnt achieve the floor. they link onto ur normal tack but make it impossible for him 2 touch the ground.

but that one and only a quick fix permenant more leading in appendage and he shud learn better manners. lol

as for the kiking anova horse hes fyn and the other horses wil be fyn they r just establishing the pecking order. hes 5 yrs antiquated so is testin his boundaries a bit mre nw hes older.

the pawing the ground ive found will take tym 2 fix buh i find it best 2 close the eyes to it as if i tell him off for it hes gettin attention 4 it and gettin wot he requirements "attention". so my advice ignore it =)

while puttin the saddle in whether he barges his bum on u,y stand ur ground and giv him a hard shove back the passageway he came! if he does it gen send him bak and slap him rump n articulate no.

have u tried mountin while sum1 else is holding him? i think while ur in the saddle do sum simple exersices lyk around the world? scissors? do lotsa halting and standin near him increasing the tym u do it 4.

lol none of these things will be fixed nw but over tym if u keep it up he shud improve. dnt consent to him get away wiv nufin! lol.

good luck and sorry im not much help out! =)
I worked for a professional trainer for a long while who specialized contained by training young horses. He was always tremendously firm when needed but sweet too. He always did a lot of ground work b/c he believed it helped the horse develop the intellect and understand things better. He said it teaches manners and develops a trusting bond. When a horse ever pushed him around he would poke the horse in the side and whether the horse ignored him he would tap them with a beat .The horses quickly learned to respect his space. I would carry a crop every time you ride and when the horse tries to graze or is disrespectful to other horses I would stroke him with it as a discipline. Remember when you work with your horse and he does right, always over compliment him so he understands. just a little tip within case you didn't know..When you are teaching a horse something and they start to lick and chew it means they are trusting you and sensitive you so look for these signs. Its important to stop this behavior before it becomes worse. Good luck to you and your horse!
As far as your horse not standing still while you mount, I had the same issue with my 2yr hoary at one point. Get on the mounting block or whatever you use to get on. AS SOON AS HE MOVES, get down and bring in him walk in cirlces around the mounting block. Don't be mean give or take a few it, just keep his feet moving. Try getting wager on on again and repeat this until he stands quietly for you to get on. Eventually he will get the point that's it's much easier to stand still for a few second than to walk in circles for a couple minutes! You may have to pocket about 30 min. the first time you do this, but it's worth it in the long run. My horse always stands without fault still now and I only had to do it a couple of times.
As far as not standing still while individual tied, it's the same concept. If he wants to move, make him work harder. Untie him and vertebrae him up , then bring him to you and back him up again. Make him walk surrounded by a circle or side to side. Once again, if you make him do this a couple of times, he'll realize it's MUCH easier for him to stand still than to work every time he moves. It's simple, it's quick, and I promise it works!
Ok well tying up a great one right?
Basically tie him up angelic not tooo tight but so he can put his head down but not eat.. so he can nearly touch.. then depart from him standing there.. he can paw dance and carry on adjectives he likes its not gonna get him no where..!!

Mounting - i find it a worthy way even though it is tiring to pull his head to one side. u might find urself walking contained by circle for 5 minutes or so but it will eventually stop him from walking off.. just make certain you hold his head there untill ur in the saddle.

The problem very soon is he has realised he is stronger u need to approach him with a strong intellect ur the boss he is your horse!

Pecking order is hard to fix he is still very young at heart and will grow out of his childish ways soon enough
ok... i really havent be through that. because my horse knows whose boss and he wouldnt dare to push me up against the wall with his but or anything like that. but it sounds close to you need
to show him whose boss. whenever my horse does anything like that i stay real quiet i grab the lounge line and take him out to the round pin and lounge the crap out of him until he beneath stands that IM BOSS!! my trainer showed me how to do that. it works. and if you get your horse out of the stall/pasture and he needs lounged run him out and lounge him. but if you take him out of the stall/pasture and he doesnt really need lounged but he act a little spooky lounge him it really works. and by the way in 11.
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