How do you mount a horse bareback?

my horse is 15.3 hands and i'm not really flexible so i can't get on him bareback and i have to use a steps-tool to win on him bareback if my dad isn't around to let me use his knee. i be wondering if anybody can teach me to get on him bareback over the computer. whether you can you are ike really talented. so please help me!
thx! :D <3
i use a tall mouting block resembling thing for all the horses i get on bareback
In vulting(where I learned how to, but never really perfected it close to the vulting teams can) you stand your shoulder next to their shoulder, grab a bit of main(if your riding undressed back, if you happen to own a vulting hardness you grab each handle) beside both hands, swing your leg closest to the horse three times to build momentum, and when your leg goes back on the third swing step up, kick your leg over, and pull yourself upright.
( I have the slight adavantage of praticing TONS of times on a barrel horse, no not one that races barrels, I mean a horse made outta a container they used for vulting pratice, rule was if ya couldnt get up that style you didnt pratice anything else in vulting).

that's the hard way, comfortable way is to get a mounting block.
Hi I had to teach myself how to bring on bareback, this is how I do it.
what i do is go on the opposite side of my horses mane. I grab on to the mane (it won't hurt ur horse) and later jump up and pull my self up at the same time. I get hold of my stomach on his back and then swing my leg over. Hopefully it works for u! lol <3
I own a 16.2hh horse... And if there nothing to stand on...

YOU JUMP!! lol... the most rudimentary way...

What i do, is aim for my belly botton to land on the horses posterior and the swing my leg over, it works, but use your hands and aims to gentally land on there support, dont pound them..

If u can find a slope (hill) or something put ur body at the higher point it will make it easyer till your body learns how to rear heigher...

Now i can jump on a horse 17hh bareback, lol.
Answers:    hold on to the horse's mane. face the horse's rump from its nouns. run at its back, well dont run, just run, then jump. It will be hard at first. you will enjoy your leg half way across its back. next just struggle until you are on. this is only safe whether your horse is laid-back. and also, keep yourself from thumping the horse!
remember that for the first few times, have somebody hold the horse for you. I know its unnaffective at first but, then on it will work really well.
dude!i just needed to say thanx for aking that question cause it help me get a few ideas too!
i am 5'4 and my horse is 15'3 too!and i CANNOT get on him bareback similar to some of my friends can and im tired of using buckets,the stepstool,my sister (lol.), and etc.
im gonna try a few things tomorrow!
i mount my horses bareback all the time nearby are a few different ways
grab the main on the withers beside both hands and jump and angle you're foot that would go on the other side of the horse, next if you are like on his side then try to 'wiggle' yourself on his support that's what i do and now i can jump on so fast and appropriate like and indian,
also you could try another method and put both hands on his back and hop while grasping some of his fur on the other side and pull your self up, (this works well whether your horse has a or some what of winter fur)
i did my best to try to explain how to do it, hope i helped, and good luck and best of wishes :o)
i always use a gate/step/barrel/mounting block/fence/wall/anything to get on.
My horse is 17hh and I'm 5'0 lol - I have to climb a gate to get on him.

Since your horse is shorter, try this:
They dispense you an explanation.
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