How much money does a vet check cost?

I live in Minnesota and I am wondering how much money a vet check would cost? The horses medical records are all flawless so I dont know if I should even get one? Thanks:)
depends on your vet.
It costs deeply and if they find anything even remotely resembling anything wrong they will want to do some tests and it really piles up
although it is good to move about for checkups it is also a agood idea not to be drawn into this loop of tests and prescriptions that will really cost you
dont get anything unless you really necessitate it
Answers:    A vet check depends on what you choose to have done. What you choose to hold done depends on what you are going to do with the horse. Just a basic come out and do some flexions and a visual check of teeth, condition, and some original bloodwork is probably in the $200 range.

If you are going to jump or trail ride the horse, you call for films of both front legs and feet in at least 2 view. If you do dressage, you need hock films in 2 views. X-ray prices alter, depending on whether they are plane films or done digitally. The plane films are cheaper, but don't show as much, and you get to keep a DVD of the digital ones. You can't keep the x-rays due to the mercury content. You'd own to call the vet office to find what they charge per view.

You necessitate to have the vet check by someone other than the horse's usual vet. It's likely that any vet would be fair-minded to you, but it puts them in a bad position between their regular client and a new one. If they find something, the regular client could receive mad.

Keep in mind that it is the vet's errand to find problems. They are going to give you all the bad communication things rather than all the wonderful things. They are going to point out all the flaws they can.

To preserve costs down, you might consider having the vet check done at a vet school if you own one within 3 or 4 hours drive and the owner will let the horse off property.

My finishing vet check, done in CA prior to shipping to KS was $350 on a 35K horse. That was worth every penny. To spend that much on a 5K horse, conceivably, maybe not. Depends on what you can afford to lose, and what you plan to do with your new best friend.
A vet bill for a horse can be anywhere from $500-2,000. It could be more or smaller number. It depends on how far the vet has to travel. of course a "regular" check up could be any were from $100-500.

Hope this help you! ;-)
ALWAYS vet check a horse that you are considering, and have your vet do it. Using the seller's vet is a conflict of interest.

Anywhere from $125 to $700 depending on whether you do x-rays and how many.
close to $200 at least but if you do xrays more like $500 but ego go ahead and do xrays its alot safer and can prevent you from getting a horse thats gonna wear out in acouple years
it usually costs 100-200 dollars depending on the vet and the distance he has to travel but it's well worth it! i'd recommend ALWAYS getting a vet check
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