Mounting bareback. Help please?

Alright, well I'm the kind of girl that HATES saddles. I can't stand them. Bareback is the agency I roll. I love bing right on him. It makes our bond so much stronger. Saddles just get int he bearing.

Anyway, to my question:
I really want to be able to jump right on him, but deplorably, I'm only 4'9 and he is almost 16hh, so I usually use our hitching post, or a mounting block.
Bad sector is that I live in michigan, and snow pants get pretty slippery, and we really approaching to canter through the trails, but like I said were in michigan, and contained by michigan there are a lot of DEER. One jumped out later night, and my horse bucked, and I was wear snow pants which are not such a correct idea, and fell off. I COULD NOT get put money on on! It was terrible. We were probably 2 miles absent from home, and I had to walk until I found a stump. which be like an hour later, so I was wondering whether anyone knew of any exorcises I could do to build the strength to jump, he is a real stillness boy, so if i get a running start he will just stand at hand, but I never make it. Or instead of me having to jump, conceivably someone could tell me how to teach him to bow.
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If your horse is calm and not jumpy about you jump around on him.Then this is what I've always done. Grab a good hold on his mane way low by his spine, and stand with your back to his neck kinda stretched out. Then swing around near all your might and get your right foot over his backbone and verbs yourself up using your hand and foot. Lol. It sounds weird but thats how I always get on my bigger horses.
The other answers have given you good exercises but what about this:

You can carry this then you have the freedom of being bareback - (i know precisely how you feel about riding bareback), and still have the shelter of stirrups. -

This one looks great -
my friend has a 17 hand tb and she is 5'3. We both get on out horses (only sometimes we prefer saddles) bareback by grab some mane, stepping towards the horses head, and swinging our legs over our horses back. Any one can do it. the first time you may have to stretch alot.
That does seem to be a problem. I'm not sure at hand is much you can do as far as alternatives to getting on. You will just have to stick with finding something to step on and boost sour of. As for training him to bow, that is a very good opportunity. Go to, there are many horse trainers who could help you next to this. Good luck.
This is in fact really fun to do if your horse jumps and you have poles and standards ( or w/e you use to fly with him if you jump ) and set consequently up and jump them your self.
i have a friend who was 15 and she could leap 5 feet... i was like wow i.e. AWSM ! ( i wish i could do that ) and i know people in the steady in the arena when there horse is just dtaning in attendance or troting ( the people are on the ground ) they run up to thee horse and just flat out jump on nearby back and start riding them crazy cool !
well the best way to learn how to take on a bare back horse is to start with a small mount block next get really good with getting on beside that then move to a really small bucket and get really good at that afterwards start from off the ground with somebody helping you try that a few times then try stale the ground it should be easyer
I used to bareback mount my old horse by getting him to stand in a ditch or depression. However, he was pretty small and I am pretty elevated. If you find a ditch deep enough, it may work.
put your backbone to his head. get a good vanished hand full of his main. jump an verbs with left hand at matching time.swing your right arm over his neck. keep doing this till you get the sway of it. that is how i get on my horse bare final. i can't do it every time.
Ok im a lazy tacker upper and i prefer bareback myself. I enjoy a huge rock that's so perfect for mounting, i walk right up it and pop on the horse. Find something safe or capture a mounting block. I broke my tailbone climbing up the pipe corral to mount my Draft X, i slipped on the pipe.
I don't know if you have heard of Rhythm Beads but they aid to make noise when your riding to scare sour critters. All it is a piece of leather sting, pony beads, a clip to make it stay put and 3 to 5 bells you can buy cheap at Walmart, in certainty you can get everything there. It just go around you horses neck, easy to make.

if your table lamp enough and your horse is clam try this
Answers:    hi! i realy like your position on saddle. i never thot of it tht way. but anywho ive done mounted games for a long time so i do alott of vaulting on and off.

-grab a chunk of mane, do a hop step and swing up(takes a wile to learn)

-also do alot of lunges and squats to serve build leg muscle.

-as for bowing- put a halter and leadrope on horse and try leadrope around fetlok joint

-the real way to do this is pik horses foot up and pul terminate of rope around western saddle so horse cant put front foot down but im english so i jus hold rope up so horse cnt put foot down.

-then pull on the lead attached to halter so the horse strts to bak up
wen he realizes he cant put foot down but ur still asking him to move bak hel stretch bak til the knees of the folded leg is touching the ground.(this takes around a week for horse to learn, mi horse didnt a littl bit of reering and stuf b4 she figurd it out)

-and frm this can teach horse to sit nd laydown by asking the horse to turn wie contained by bowing position.

-(THIS WORKSS i taught a18hd draft to do this so i can do the same thing ur trying

hope it help:]
I used to climb up my horses leg when I was a kid. He was 16.2 and I be way less than 5 feet. I would grasp mane with both hands, jump and throw myself as high-ranking as I could over his neck and the climb up his leg with my feet. He be always patient and I never injured him this way.

I close to the idea of teaching him to bow. I am teaching my hot horse to bow now by taking a treat and making him reach to his shoulder for it. Then I put it between his legs to make him get for it. Then you pick up his left leg and put the treat between his legs. Now I am starting to pick up his leg and lower it to the ground as he reaches between his legs. To be able to obtain on him, you would have to teach him to hold the position for longer and longer periods. I bet you could edify him in less than a month how to do it though! Good Luck!
u can use a bucket or a stepping stool
Hate saddle, OK. ( To be clear as this seems to be an internet misunderstanding, I was not trying to insult or say you are wrong. It be simply an opening statement of why you want to figure out something specific.)
Vertical Jump exercises would be best for getting on by jumping although not my theory of the best idea here are some ideas: the region

Take on new exercises slowly and carefully.

The better idea would be to tutor your horse to bow or I've also knew a lady as a youth that taught her horse to sit, bow, and fabrication down for her to get on. She had arthritis and was shorter also.

The way I jump on my horse bareback, is you stand with your shoulder to your horses shoulder snatch his mane and then just use your right leg and swing it over. Kind of launching yourself onto his back.
Also, look on google for edification a horse to park out. My old trainer had a really tall horse that she couldn't bring back on so she taught her how to park out making her shorter.
OMG im so with u on that one i luv bare hindmost i cant help u out with the teaching to bow trick but whether u tie a rope around ur horses neck u might be able to hold on to it and have a better haphazard of staying on in the first place or u could tie it to a tree and then ur horse and climb up that way lol!! jk dont do that but whether u losened it enough u could get ur boot on it and then procure up that way happy barback adventures!
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