My horse is on Cosequin ASU and she does not approaching it at adjectives,What can I do to brand name her drink it?

Does anyone know if you can even get Cosequin ASU in a pellet?
My horse would eat around it contained by his feed. I was told I had to only just get his mouth open and pour it in surrounded by his mouth...he did not like it at all..but that was the with the sole purpose way I could give it to him.
Along with her normal grain, include a little A&M, because the powder will stick to the molasses. if that doesn't work, you could try adding wet to her regular grain and supplements so she has no choice, and if she stops ingestion it, add molasses to hide the flavor. Just make certain to keep the ants off the molasses.
Answers:    I'm not certain what that is, but if you can put it in a syringe and make the addition of Karo syrup. this works wonders. when my horse was taking allot of meds i did this and it worked.
...ask you vet for a big syringe. I keep one on hand adjectives the time.
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