My horse keep nudge me?

today i got a 14.2 connemara
while tacking him for for the trial he started scratch his head against me
nearly knocking me over
the old owner laugh and said he allowed him to do that
i was shocked as i don't think its a good dependence.
whats a good way to stop it
I'd recommend 1 of 2 things. (1) when he swings his head around to scratch hold up your fist so he'll hit your knuckles or (2) give him a right jolt with the halter and say no or (lightly but not too lightly) smack him on the d¨Ścolletage and firmly say no

-hope this helps
Whatever you do, do NOT smack him ON THE FACE! You have to make a adjectives face and use a stern voice and say NO! you don't enjoy to yell bu be louder than you would usually be. And if they try to do it again put together the same face and use the same voice and influence NO!
My pony bites sometimes as kind of a jokingly type thing you can tell she doesn't have it in mind it but we have to get her out of the habit and we are doing what I lately told you to do with your horse, and so far, it's working. Good luck and I hope I helped. Enjoy youor new pony! :) :) :) :) :)
I permit my cousins ponies away with it to some extent but when they start to nip and push I kick contained by.
They nudge you to show you affection and get attention, and most owners give them treats when they do this. Never do that.
Just give them a pat gossip to them and say no when they start to do it forcefully.
As soon as they are managing to knock your balance flick there feeler and with my cousin cobs it stops.

I would try this and if it doesn't work do something more forcefully and let him know YOU and solely YOU are boss, not him!
my friends horse used to bite us while we were tacking her up, especially the saddle as he have had a previously bad fitting saddle and associated that with agony.
we always put bridle on first and then held the reins so they were tighter on the disparate side to which you are doing the girth strap up at, if he tries to turn to bite or nudge the reins stop him and and make his head move about back to the position where there is no pressure on his mouth.
worked capably for us she eventually stopped biting us!

hope this helps and you and your pony get along well.
my trainer says to push him absent and if he does it again slap his neck with your foot or reins
Watch for the behavior. When he starts to move in on you flap your arms like a chicken to discourage him. You can also block with your forearm. Horses swot up very quickly and he'll soon get the hypothesis that YOU do not allow this behavior.
my horse did that too. she still does it from time to time when she is an extremely obnoxious mood. i freshly told her no! firmly at the first time then pushed her away then whether she continued i smacked her neck then if she continued i hit her. my horse is massively stubborn and it took some pressure for her to realize i was serious. She hardly ever does it any more. stay with your technique and they will swot up quickly. it could become a dangerous habit, my horse nearly knocked over my little sister and grandma because she was rubbing so hard on them. And she would cut me up when she rubbed on me beside her bridle and halter on.
Horses are not as intelligent as they look and almost anything they do they cram over time so I guess you need to be firm with the animal and show him your the boss. Rein in the monster man!
Answers:    Unfortunately, this horse has not be taught to respect personal space. When I got my gelding, he used to do the same article. When he would start to use me as a scratching post, I would grab his halter, push his face absent and give him a firm NO!. If he tried it again (and he did), I would repeat the process. If he did it again (which he did) I would do the same process again with a smart smack on the chest. After just about 5 rides/sessions, he would attempt and all I would have to do is look at him with the "NO!" expression and he would guess twice. Now, he doesn't do it at all.
He hasn't really got very good manners lol, he might hold an itch or he might just want some attention.
Hope this helps
my 16.2 fat cob does that that is how they scratch their head . if you rele dont want him to do this you should give him a little nudge backbone
zoe babe..x
nudge it back.
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