My horse rubbed his mane out?

My horse rubbed a huge chunk out of his mane during the summer. He hasn't really rubbed on it since. I know it was dry for him and itchy. I started putting MTG on it to help it along. I think it be climate change from when I bought him during the summer. The people who owned him lived in a HUMID climate and where on earth I live it is very dry.
Anyway, it looks awful and its embarrassing. What else can I do to comfort it grow back as soon as possible?
My horse did this on the hay ring and I put MTG on it and that have helped a TON but since your doing that my only suggestion is to keep using it.
It sounds like sweet itch which is an allergic reaction to an insect bite. My filly had it. We used and aloe vera and tea tree cream which ease the itching for her.
With her just let it grow back itself and later when it was at an appropriate length, I pulled her mane. You could hog him, or use a neck rug to cover the patch.
You should also get a plan surrounded by place for next year, such as making sure your horse is inside during insect time, using a good insect repellent and possibly using a fly sheet.
You should also speak to your vet as there is an injection which can be helpful.
Answers:    Sounds like he's sticking his head through the blockade railing. You've no doubt changed his stall situation and he's either trying to get to another horse or get hold of to some feed I'll bet.

To remedy this "look" go out buy yourself a set of the cordless wahl clippers or find somebody there at your barn who have a set of clippers and ROACH the entire mane. It will make his neck look clean and sharp until the mane can grow out evenly. Also check to see where on earth he'd sticking his neck through the fencing and wire it up with hog lead.
u cant really help it row but wait just stick a nouns rug on him to eprvent him rubbing out mroe or u cna hog the whole mane so it grows out eavan witch is yucky!

altho u shoul put a rug wiht a neck rug on him for summer and winter mainly smmer to pervent this its aslo that flys are really anoying layign eggs etc
I have alike problem. My horse reaches through his fence to get grass on the other side and contained by the process rubs his mane off in a 6" section.
There's not a great deal of product to deal with this, unless he's doing it because he's itchy. There's creams for that.
I would roach his mane (shave the whole thing) later at least when it grows back it will all be indistinguishable length.
The problem now is making sure they can't do it again, for what ever reason they are doing it. I will be putting chicken line (by summer) on the part of the fence he sticks his head through. You might want to try something approaching that.

Good luck
Ugh my horse did like peas in a pod thing. Every time I'm there I just drench it beside cowboy magic gel and keep brushing it. It's grown 4" (more than the long part of his mane) since I started putting it on. If he starts rubbing it again after put a neck slip on him.
I have someone what the same issue but another horse ate my horses mane off right before I bought her. I in recent times Used MTG and ignored the instructions. I applied it daily for a week and presently here hair has grown 8 inches. It is not at the point i have to cut it. Hope it works.
Some horse seize sweet itch on their mane and tail, my boy gets a touch of it on his tail in the summer. It is an itchy patch so they rub and rub. I put green oils on him and wrap the tail.
Try checking in with the vet. Most probably it IS because of the climate, but you never know.

Try some soothing (horse) creams on the nouns. It'll help relieve the soreness and might even encourage growth.

Sorry I'm not much more help! D:
check near the vet
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