Neutralising urine/ammonia smell?

One of my horses wees a lot (no medical problem, he just does!) and as a result his stable smells a bit. He is turned out through the daytime and his stable is fully mucked out every day. However, the rubber matting get wet with urine. What will neutralise the odour? I'm looking for something I can use on a day to afternoon (or week to week) basis, and something natural. I take his mat up and pressure wash with disinfectant regularly but I obviously cannot do this every sunshine. Will lemon juice, white vinegar etc help (all the usual natural neutralisers?)?
Any minister to appreciated!

This works a treat,might to buy the Liquid without the light online somewhere. Urine off QVC U.K
Hope it help.

Use lime on the floors and under the mats. I have have problems with dirt floor just holding on to the ammonia before. When you completely verbs out his stall, spread the lime liberally under them so that it really has a occasion to get to the ammonia. You need to use this when you can leave the stall instigate for a day or so to really let it dry it out and soak it up. You can buy it most places like domestic depot or Lowe's and even some feed stores. I haven't ever had a problem with it within my stalls. Don't use when you just hosed out the mats. You need to apply it to the driest stall possible so that it really have a chance to dry out all of the bad stuff. Works approaching a champ
Answers:    Hi, try adding a little epsom salts/ magnesium sulphate to your horses hard nurture, its cheap and you dont have to do it every day, just vote twice a week or so, it neutralizes the ammonia in the urine so helps stop the smell.
Hope this help
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on rubber mat throw some baking soda on it (a good amount) and pour some hydrogen peroxide or vinegar (vinegar is cheaper) on it, it will oxidize anything and remove the smells
Theres probably tons of deodorizing products commercially available but if you buy baking soda and vinegar within bulk it may be cheaper
is your horses back end just beforehand his rump slightly high??
we use here in australia stuff called KA mixture its great... my horse have the same problem his stable was other full of urine and not to mentions apparenlty horses dont like to pee on concrete but my fella would every time'
ka mixture was great , stopped the smell and helped him come hindmost to normal... its great for kidneys
there are commercialy produced drying prodcuts that you can use,
at the track, where on earth the horses are in their stalls 23 hours a day, we use pine - sol.
after the stall is mucked and all the bedding is pulled to the sides hold a splash of really hot water and mix in a couple cap fuls of pinesol. sprinkle the mixture on the damp spots. by the time he comes in it will be close to dry. it will really help with the smell. some of the stalls at the track would smell so bleak, like a wild cat lived there, becasue they are feed alphalpha and frequently admisinstered dmso. they can get so bad it almost make you gag. the pinsol really helps!
we did not use lime becasue it is so caustic, it burns your lungs just puttin git here is no way it can be good for a horse stirring it aorund in his stall or sleeping on it.
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