Question something like tie downs?

does a tie down stop a horse from bucking and rearing ?
Nope. Nothing will stop chronic tantrums besides proper diagnosis of the issue (physical or training). For 99 cases out of 100, a horse that chronically bucks or rears is experiencing pain or taking advantage of a worried rider. Very few do it just for fun.
No. A tie down is a power-driven contraption used by some who want to attempt to create an artificial head set in their horse that should be achieved by proper training and communication. Some individuals just don't want to be bothered with being more advanced surrounded by their riding, a temporary resolution will do for them. Unfortunately, it is not at all the choice the horse would make. A horse requirements to have control of their head and neck for match and optimum movement. Tie downs are cruel and basically useless for even a moderately accomplished horse personality.
I show and have several horses I hate tie downs because it can sometimes make the situation worse. If your horse is putting you contained by danger then you should use one but they have other gotten me in trouble.
A tie down will not stop bucking because the horse puts its head down to might help rearing...but I HATE tie downs...they are silly inventions that create lazy riders...if you cant control your horse without a bunch of additional CRAP on need lessons and a trainer...not some little nylon or leather strap to hold your horses head down...same near gag bits, wire bits, martingales etc etc...stupid stuff which is bought by lazy asses who dont want to memorize how to ride properly.

Answers:    No start with basic ground work if this is an issue. Get respect hindmost and this shouldnt be a problem. My horse used to buck and rear all the time. I had to use discordant bits and tie downs. I did nothing but ground work for 30mins for 2 weeks. Now I can ride him bridle less and he hasnt bucked/ reared since...its be 3 years. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info!
No - its stops the horse from throwing his head up.
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