Science Fair Project oblige?

my daughter is in 8th gr. and needs a topic for her science fair project. please, something that doesn't bring a long time to do, and is reasonable. We have thought the "which saddle pad is cooler" one and another one someone else suggested but we inevitability something else. AND PLEASE, NO CRITICIZING ANSWERS. it's either you have an idea or you don't. THAT SIMPLE!
Ask your vet or farrier for ideas, then you can use them for a resource. You could do different hoof disease and what they are and how to treat them, later you could ask your farrier to come out and you could take pictures. Or you could do different seats, why you sit a certain track in certain seats. Or something similar to that within jumping: why do cross country, steeple chase and show jumpers adjectives 'half seat' differently, even though they are all jumping? Or the "old" and "new" sitting room, , the "new" seat is still used today, you could say why this is better and the "old" style was bad for the horse.

God Luck with the project!
I did a height vs. stride one in 8th position.

You get a bunch of horses, I had like 6, and win their heights (preferably a large range surrounded by heights, like 14.2 to 16.2 or something).

It helps closely if you have an arena. Pick out two points, like start at one cone and stop at another. Have the horses canter the length between the two points. Count how many strides they take.

(I went to a lesson barn to do this and the ancestors taking lessons gladly did this for me, along with letting me guess their horses.)

Then you just compare the horses' heights to the number of strides they take. Obviously the taller horses took smaller amount strides and the ponies took more, but it's very easy to chart.

It's simple and only took a morning to do. And it got me a first place! Hope this helps get your thinking going, good luck!
In 8th grade my science fair project topic be

"Does a horse's stride length effect it's take off distance on a jump?"

I get a B+ :P
1. Does all along a horse's leg determine how high it can jump?
2. Which water buckets do horses prefer - plastic or metal?
3. How around the efficiency of a horse's digestive system?
4.You can feed two horses that are about matching height and weight different amounts OR brands of food and see how effects their performance.
Do darker horses have thicker skin?
What are horses favorite treats?

Line up buckets full of different treats and use like 10 horses, after respectively time switch the buckets around so its not just due to positioning
The project sounds really cool, some topics could be:
Are horses spooky of abiding colours?
Which saddle pad offers more support?
Which type of jump is the hardest to submerge?
Which type of jump is the easiest to jump?

Here are some ideas that I have seen or done:

Do treats affect behavior?
Angles contained by the jumps?
Are horses colorblind?

Answers:    How give or take a few the evolution of the horse? You can find pictures on line of Eohippus (Dawn Horse) all the way through Equus.

how bout which saddle wipe is cleaner
What expenses should I consider when operating a horse boarding facility.?   Pedigree interrogate??   How do you net a horse bow from its spinal column?   Whats A Good Gameing Bit?