Show Name for a Black QH Gelding?

I'm not sure wether I want to change my horse's show name or not.He will be shown surrounded by open shows and 4-H only. He will not be going to Congress, so I don't have to use his registered heading, which is Dude's Dark Ball. I kind of like his name already, but I want to see whether anybody can come up with anything I like better. His barn name is Shadow. He is a gelding. He is a registered American Quarter Horse, but he be bred for racing. He will be used mostly in English classes, but he will also show Western, Jumping, Contest, and possibly trail classes. He is 16.2 hh. He is black, with a white blaze, a white/gray spot contained by his tail (his mane and tail are black), and a white left hind sock with a cute little black dot on it. Something elegant and involving Cherokee, because I am fragment Cherokee. Thank you!
Dark Shadow
Shadow Dancer
Riding Against The Night
Dark Night
Black Night
Dancer of the Shadows
Dark Side
Dark Cloud
Black Cloud
Oxyz Harmonicks.. cool..
Big Black Mack... okay..
Anxiety Attack
Off the Beaten Track
atramentous, brunet, charcoal, clouded, coal, dusky, ebon, ebony, inklike, squirt, livid, melanoid, obsidian, onyx, piceous,, pitch-dark, raven, sable, shadowy, slate, somber, sombre,, starless, stygian, swart, swarthy
Combine any of these words with cherokee? Good luck
good luck!
Me and My Shadow
thats really cute

Comanche's Great Escape

Kartiks Dark Thunder

Shadow of a Blue Ribbon

Above the Clouds <--if he jumps =]

hope i help! he sounds beautiful!
Ebonite Perfection

Cherokee Dude

Ivory Ebony

Black Indian
Cherokee Blaze
Shadow Indian
Black Cherokee

Love the third one Shadow Indian
Cherokee Shadow
Indian Dust
Black Magic
Super Nova (lol...sorry, couldn't resist)
Cherokee's Got Class
Cherie On Top
Maraschino Cherokee (LOVE this one! Too Sweet!)
Cherokee's Somthin Special
Shadows Secret Ingredient
Cherokee's Super Fly
Hez Part Cherokee
Shadowing Plenycou (Like he towers over Plenycou...umm...never intellect..)

I have lots more. I hope these help!
Keep the show name. It is his registered name!

The Abyss
The Darkside
Black Molasses
Mr. Sulphur
Black Run

Cherokee Cullen lol
Answers:    I like combos of their barn name and show.You can combine it like Shadow of a Cherokee, or Cherokee's Shadow,

Other name that would fit him: Cherokee Chief, Cherokee Promise, Cherokee Rose, Cherokee Moon, Cherokee Prince, Midnight Shadow, Shadow Man, Shadow Dancer, Blazing Shadow,

You could also name him something that is Cherokee and combine it with a first name you like (I apologize if these are not totally 100% translated correctly): like Sequoia's Shadow, O-gi-na-li (my friend)-Oginali Shadow (My Friend Shadow), So'-qui-li shadow (horse shadow). Or even designation him after a famous Cherokee Chief or something.

Here is a good site for horse names:
Dark Magic
Black Loco
Ohhh Romeo I love that designation!
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